Olympic volunteers quitting because of long hours and a lack of food. Do organizations take advantage of volunteers?

  • Yes, organizations often take advantage of volunteers.

    Many organizations that require volunteer workers often take advantage of volunteers. Just because someone is willing to donate her time and effort to support a cause, it does not mean that the organization should treat a volunteer like slave labor. Volunteers should not be expected to work as long as paid employees. Organizations need to do more to show that their volunteers are appreciated.

  • Yes, They need to respect the volunteers

    So many people volunteer for a number of events. Olympic volunteers are doing it mainly for their love of sports. The organizations should respect their hard work and time. Food and time consideration are the least things they can do for volunteers. Olympic benefits so much from the events monetary as well as publicity. Volunteers should be treated well.

  • No, most organizations value the work carried out by volunteers as this lowers their costs.

    The huge army of volunteers save organizations huge sums of money as they do not require wages and normally volunteer because they are passionate about the work involved. Most organizations sensibly recognize their contribution by rewarding them in other ways, such as free food or parking, or free use of the facilities. They avoid abusing their good nature by expecting them to work unreasonable hours, though many do so by choice.

  • No, one cannot make this general assumption.

    Having lived in and around London during the Summer Olympics of 2012, I have spoken to many volunteers who gave their free time willingly enough. Not one of them complained about hours which were too difficult or lack of food; this could partly be due to the fact that, in London, successful volunteers were called "Games Makers" and appeals for volunteers lauded the benefits, such as being close to the action and maybe even meeting some of the stars. If this has not happened in Rio de Janeiro then it is very sad for those involved, as the current Olympic Games cannot have attracted enough volunteers to ensure doable hours, but it does not mean that organisations in general take advantage of such volunteers across the board. Ensuring volunteers have good working conditions, plenty of support, adequate food etc is what makes volunteers want to work for free in the first place.

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