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Omni hotel evacuated because of carbon monoxide: Are you safe in a hotel?

  • Yes, hotels are just as safe as everywhere else

    Yes, hotels are just as safe as everywhere else. Something can happen in a hotel, however, something can happen to people in many other locations. This does not make a hotel more dangerous than anywhere else. In fact, a hotel worker is more likely to notice that there is a carbon monoxide leak that a regular homeowner.

  • Yes, people are generally safe in a hotel.

    Hotels, especially national chains, are equipped with the latest in security and safety tech and personnel. If an evacuation has to happen, like in the instance of the Omni Hotel's carbon monoxide scare, guests are evacuated in ample time for them to get out safely. Hotels cannot afford to shirk on their safety detail.

  • No, seems I`m not.

    Three guests died in the same room within three months at a hotel property in Boone, North Carolina as a result of carbon monoxide poisoning — resulting in the charging of the business executive managing the hotel property with involuntary manslaughter. There were at least 30 reports of high levels of carbon monoxide in hotel properties within the past three years — resulting in the evacuation of greater than 1,300 people from hotel properties…and those statistics are only what has been reported, as it is obviously unclear how many times hotel guests who may have suffered the effects caused by high levels of carbon monoxide but not realized the source of the perceived illness. People who suffer the effects of carbon monoxide poisoning can mistake the symptoms for another malady — such as the flu, for example.

  • You don't know the dangers.

    When you live in your own home, you get to know what's normal. You get to know the problems in your home and you get to know how to take care of it. In a hotel you don't know what the hidden dangers are. You don't know what things maintenance has neglected.

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