On average, are men better at science than women?

  • Men are better science due to better analytical skills.

    Being male especially mammalian male has its advantages. Ask any trapper on which sex is the hardest to capture in a trap and yes folks i know its politically incorrect but its male animals. Males always seem to grasp higher learning theories why because of the male advantage in this area. More inventions by who males. What is sad today because of political correctness and fostering females to succeed male areas of advantage have been destroyed in our own school system. The curriculum has changed to downplay the male advantage in test taking and putting projects and homework which females do better. Both sexes need to be fostered bu allowing students to have a choice between tests and projects.

  • Yes men are better at science.

    Why would there be two genders if we're all the same being? Exactly; there wouldn't be. And you fools stating "gender and sex aren't the same thing!" aren't even making a decent argument. Males and females act differently because nature has required them to- they need to fulfill completely different roles. Studies have shown that men and women brains are wired completely differently than each other. This basically proves that men and women behavior is wired into biology, not society. Society takes these behaviors and implements them into itself- any other system wouldn't work, because society is built off of biology and if society is in contradiction with what it's built off of... Well, to say the least, there's a problem.

  • Yes our brains are made different which lead to diffirences in gender skills

    Males on average use 7 times more gray matter areas of the brain than women. Gray matter areas are used for storing and processing information. While women use about 10 times more white matter which connect the gray matter areas allowing for ease with subject transitioning and multi-tasking make higher level calculaction that requires greater focus more difficult. But, on the flip side women have better communication skills due to the fact they have 2 verbal communication centers while men have 1. Better facial recognition and can often identify loved ones through smell thanks so a greater sensory memory. While men are lacking in those fields it leads to their brains putting a greater emphasis on analysis, processing, and evaluating information which makes up fields study such as math and science not much else though. Not a stereotype just facts that pertain to most members of the corresponding gender there are many exceptions and I welcome any one to be it

  • Yes. But it is more a matter of interest than of ability

    Women have some advantages over men in terms of ability. It seems it is easier for them to focus and study something... Concentrate... etc. but very few women are actually interested in science and that is why even in modern society they are still a lot less than men in scientific areas.

  • Yes, But Scientists Are Not Average People

    On average, society nurtures far fewer scientists than it does teachers, policemen,
    or engineers. Also on average, most of the world’s scientists are male. Of course,
    many women have succeeded at science as well. Famous examples include
    computer scientist Grace Hopper and physicist Marie Curie. Jane Goodall is a
    scientist, and so was Margaret Mead. A woman might say that if our gender did
    produce few scientists, they were all above average.

  • It's because of society, not gender

    Men are better at science in general, that meaning there are far more successful male engineers, doctors, and bio-technicians than there are females in the field currently.
    This is due to boys being raised to create and think with blocks, legos, tools and cars while girls are taught to be more behind the scenes and passive.
    Currently this is true, but as we progress to equality in bringing up children, there will be more and more outstanding females in the field.

  • Yes on average men seem to be better at science.

    Yes, I believe that on average men seem to have an edge over women when it comes to science. However, there are many talented women scientists in the world and even throughout history. As of right now it seems as though science is a male dominated field and that gives men the advantage.

  • Studies are still going on.

    While studies are still going on, as of now it seems the brain localization of analysis (according to functional MRI scans) show more bilateral structure than males, and males have memory deficit due to the less bilateral structure. While males are better at analysis, as most scientific studies require psychological and physical coordination, it would seem equal. But it's impossible to say for now, until new studies are made.

  • I thought we were EQUAL!

    Religion is the seed of sexism. Some men only care about strength, not brains! Some just don't LISTEN! Sexism goes BOTH ways for you ignorant people! Women are just as good as men and vice versa! Women give life, Men destroy it! I am NOT sexist, but it's mostly true!

  • Does it really mean that?

    Just because many more men enjoy science, does not mean that they are necessarily 'better'. Now, let me see. It is like asking are men better at chess than woman? No, for the same reason. Women, have not always been able to study science, for the fact that this is a newer thing for women, making it less inspiring.

  • Women are just as smart.

    No gender is smarter than the other. It is merely old-fashioned views that come into play when discussing women's roles in a male dominated society. The truth of the matter is that women are just a s competent as men and society as a whole needs to understand and accept it. There have been many female scientists that have proven to be quite capable in their field.

  • I do not believe so!

    I believe women are just as good in science as men. Women have been judged as the weaker sex, but actually women have as many brain cells as men. At my job, I had to attend a customer service seminar. That seminar was lead by a man who stated that the woman's brain is more evolved than a man's brain. Women will equal and exceed men if given the chance.

  • No, gender does not influence scientific ability.

    Women and men are equally capable in the sciences. Women are underrepresented because of the stigma and stereotypes about women in STEM fields. However, if given equal opportunity and encouragement, women can excel in the sciences. Gender should not be used a determinate of someone's ability in a given field.

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