On average, Asian women make better wives/girlfriends than American women

Asked by: ggez52
  • A resounding YES

    Asian women are-
    1) More feminine
    2) Very cute
    3) Knows to love and care for her partner
    4) Family oriented/has family values
    5) Does not have sex with unknown men on public washrooms

    American women are-
    1) Tries to be masculine and topping men all day and fails
    2) Not cute at all
    3) Only knows to love herself and her selfish friends
    4) Family wut? !
    5) Sex with unknown men: Lesser spoken about this, The better

  • The do do yah

    Asian women are hotter and better overall good is what they are they a r e every very good at yah good morning my love you too and thank I appreciate your time and I hope you have a great day at the end of the day I miss you and I hope to be in your

  • Break free of the white woman matrix

    White women take all your money and give birth to spoilt useless kids and cheat on you with who you thought was your best buddy greg from the local lawn bowls club. Karen took the kids (i don't care about that, Theyre libtards) but she got my beach house and my yacht and my MODEL TRAIN COLLECTION. What a b*tch. Then i escaped from the white woman matrix. I took a trip to thailand with the boysies and met nyugen-nyugen and my life has never been the same. She can't speak a word of english but my god can she cook and clean. Plus she can't complain or sign divorce papers so thats a plus. Ok gazza here over and out. Boomers rise up

  • Yes I would like one

    They work harder than white women who are self entitled to spend all of my money and steal half for not treating her like a princess.
    They do not blow off money and are very pleasant.
    They are smarter and do not make it a big deal like a white women do whenever they achieve something. I had this white women say he was a doctor and better than men while her Asian coworker was getting work done.
    And they are attractive too and eat way more healthier than white women. They use less surgery and makeup.
    Less likely to cheat and more mentally stable

  • I lack information

    But from what i understand they are into cooking cleaning and obeying, And certain um aspects of them are oh tighter, You know, So in that way maybe eh? It depends on what you are looking for a cook? A maid? A mistress? A partner a friend? Really depends on what you are looking for r. . Right?

  • I wouldn't say better in general

    We have to stop generalizing race or clarify the answer. By American do we mean white woman? Or are we using the term "American" in order to show that "Asian woman" means a foreigner or immigrant who isn't born in an american lifestyle.

    If we mean Asian woman in general than no. If you go to asian countries you'll see the vast personalities there are that's no different than any other race because at the end of the day we are all humans and the same species.

    In terms of Asian woman that are from Asia, I would say it depends on what you looking for. There are still many different personality, However stereotypically, Asian woman are suppressed in their home country from having equal rights as men. It's still believed woman are lower status and are more of a server(Japan is vastly different, However).

    So no, I wouldn't say Asian women are better. If you both truly love each other no matter the race nothing will stop you from having a long and successful marriage.

  • Asian is too broad

    What makes a wife better?
    (Some are based on science and some on polls)
    No infidelity
    Letting the man fulfill the "Head of the House"
    Doesn't change the husband
    Making time
    Let him know your sexually attracted to him
    Takes care of family

    Asian is a very broad term, Lebanese, Iraqis, Iranians, Indians, Chinese, Japanese, Filipinos, And Malaysians are all Asians. They all differ in economic backgrounds and upbringings.

    Looks differ from types of Asians, But we all know that everyone has different meanings of physical attractiveness.

    Asian women are more progressive than american woman which means that it knocks off a lot of the things listed above.

    I would love to give more input but Asian is far too broad.

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