On average who lives a more fulfilling and happy life? Christians (Yes)? Or Atheists (No)?

Asked by: Gallader20
  • Religions....In most cases.

    Christians {on average}
    The Seventh-Day Adventists in California for example live on average longer than everyone else in America and religion is partly responsible. Religious people tend to give more to charity and volunteer {especially Mormons} so that presumably provides meaning. {Plus they can benefit directly from that charity that improves their lives}. Religious rituals may give comfort to people.

  • Atheists tend to be happier than the faithful

    There are no dogmas in Atheism. There are no rules to live by in Atheism. Atheism is a lack of belief in deities. On the other hand philosophical Satanists are atheists as well and yes having a philosophy can bring you more happiness than just being a plain atheist. I am a modern Satanist so atheism is just the beginning for me. I don't do rituals but I do try to get in tune with nature. People can be nasty but nature is neutral. Nature itself is above this mundane artificial lifestyle we live. Satanism itself may not be actual nature worship but I worship nature.

  • The atheists.... In most cases.

    There is no straightforward answer to this question as humans are complex species and perhaps the best answer is that it depends on the person character, attitude, genes etc.
    But on average, in my opinion, would be the atheists.
    As observed in the mainstream religions, Christianity too provides us with the idea of "Hell" and a "Heaven", thus attempting to instill the idea that deeds done in this lifetime will decide the conditions of the "eternal afterlife" , which may thus affect the mindset of the christian about living his/her life. An atheist is not buckled down by such thoughts and depending on the character of the person, it might help the atheist live his/her life well.

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