On Average, Young Earth Creationists Would Have To Be The Most Ignorant and Least Intelligent Group On Planet Earth!

Asked by: Sagey
  • Modern Young Earth Creation Started From A Woman's Brain Injury Hallucination In The 19th Century, It Appears To Still Be A Product Of Damaged Brains:

    Modern Young Earth Creation started as a product of the Seventh Day Adventist's leader Ellen White's brain damage based Hallucination visions of God creating the world in six days.
    George McCready Price was a follower of Ellen's and as a non qualified geologist, published the first writings of nonsense concerning a Biblical Flood, which there is no evidence for, but he concocted junk that was not really evidence.
    More modern Young Earth Creationist leaders like Henry and John Morris plagiarized much of Price's nonsense and still assert some of this very day and many people are Dumb enough to believe in it, even though every branch of science concerned with it has destroyed all their false evidences, such as Polystrate tree fossils, yet naive people are still stupid enough to accept their money making schemes as Absolute Truth, just because it is what they want to believe against all insurmountable evidence.
    Essentially they are completely Ignorant of Reality, Science and too unintelligent to rationalize that they are being led up the fake garden path by usurpers, who are publishing nonsense to get their money.

    Young Earth Creationism has Nothing To Do With Christianity, it is actually Anti-Christian, because it Makes Christians and Christianity look Ridiculously Stupid.

    Most Christians and especially Christian Scientists, wish Young Earth Creationism would disappear and stop making their belief in Christianity look Ridiculous.


    Though Frankly, I like them being around because they are great laugh (@ their blatant stupidity) and fun to Debunk.

  • Pretty silly stuff to take seriously

    I read the "no" comments looking for someone to name a group more ignorant and less intelligent. I didn't see anyone name one. I can't think of one. I'm sure there is one. But the number of YEC is truly astounding. If you multiply the inplausability of a belief by the number of people who believe it, YEC surely would don the crown.

  • Ha ha ha!!!

    On Average, Evolutionists Would Have To Be The Most Ignorant and Least Intelligent Group On Planet Earth! Think about it. They have taken something that is scientifically proven, and use it to support something that has absolutely no evidence to back it up. I'm talking about micro and macro evolution. Micro evolution is nothing more than something expressing genetic traits that already exist. Granted, there is a very small amount of genetic drift, but there is not a single, clear cut example of one species evolving into another. They point to the fossil record, but even some evolutionists say it's just a bunch of guess work. Bottom line is, evolutionists believe in something that can't be falsified, or proven in any way. So who's the real idiot?

  • They have admitted made an error in logic

    To say that someone ha shade an error in logic does not invalidate everything else that the man is or is not. The reasons for accepting this are driven by conclusion that God is real that may be quite compelling and logical. Premise A may be true, but that does not mean premie B is, that EVERYTHING written about God or claimed by God is LITERALLY true.

    There is some comfort in certainty, and for some, it easier than the constant debate.

    Indeed, the premise taken by this poll would be a case in point, correct? There is comfort in believing that everyone you disagree with is an ignorant moron, completely avoiding the complex reasons that people adopt illogical positions (including the premise of this poll). Its meant as a comfort to the questioner, and is no different than the 'Creationism' they attack.

    I daresay the pollster and the Creationists would get along quite swimmingly if they avoided the topic of Creationism.

  • Or perhaps they simply have other beliefs than you do.

    As as a theist evolutionist, I believe that a vast number of creationists hold unprecedented intelligence. Creationists believe that God interferes with the scientific foundation or the universe more than an evolutionist typically would - not that this make an evolutionist a deist or atheist. It all comes down to one simple thought: Did the universe have purpose in its existence? Science does not necessarily support one side over the other.

  • That's quite a claim you have there

    "On Average, Young Earth Creationists Would Have To Be The Most Ignorant and Least Intelligent Group On Planet Earth!" What an amazingly ignorant, wide-sweeping statement. You may be frustrated with people who disagree with things that seem to be clear truth to you, but it's awfully dangerous to start name calling. Besides, how often in history have obvious truths been proved wrong? (My answer would be, often.) So please don't take beliefs or opinions to be indicators of knowledge or intelligence.

  • I believe there’s fierce competition for that crown.

    In and of itself it doesn’t make someone stupid, just ill informed. The way they bash science suggests they don’t know what science is. I see no reason to attack their views however, as it’s no competition in my mind. It seems the more they feel threatened, the more fiercely they stand by their beliefs. Evolution does not in itself exclude the possibility of a God, which it seems is what they believe, so in their mind this is about God vs void, a too frightening thought. It’s better to support fact than attack ignorance.

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Sagey says2014-04-06T03:40:34.563
Some here hit at Evolution, I did not mention Evolution in my statement: Evolution is far more Valid than Creationism by the Methodology or Logic used to arrive at the different Conclusions:

Evolution uses Inductive Reasoning, in that it takes a Series of Verified Steps or Premises, to reach it's Conclusion of Evolution.
Thus every step in the process of forming a Generalized, but Accurate Conclusion is from pre-verified stages. So every step on the way to arriving at the Conclusion of Evolution, has Evidence Behind It.

Creationism is Deductive Reasoning, where the Conclusion is a construction based on only one Encompassing Premise, namely "The Existence Of An Omnipotent Deity named God by humans."
For the Creationist Conclusion (God Did It) to be True, the underlying Premise of God Exists must be Verified As True.

Since Creationists have never Verified that their Omnipotent God exists, then their Conclusion of Creationism is thus False!
For any conclusion in Deductive Logic that has an unproven premise, must be considered as False from Highly Rational, Reasonable Doubt.

So for all purposes in Logical Reasoning, Creationism is False, until they can prove their Deductive Premise of God Exists.
Until they prove God exists CREATIONISM IS FALSE!

To assert Creationism as Absolute Truth without such evidence is Extremely Dumb!

Yes there are Intelligent Creationists, but, they are the ones writhing the books and making lots of money out of ripping off the average Creationist with Nonsense. These are few and in no way raises the average functional intelligence of Creationism.
Ken Ham is likely intelligent, because he is making millions of dollars out of ripping off the average Dumber Than Doggy Doo Creationist.
It takes cleverness to be able to deliberately tell lies to the faces of his followers.
Yet, Ken has nothing to do with Christianity, because he obviously worships Money more than God, because he does little else but tell Lies For Money In The Disguise Of It Being For God.
There is definitely no place in Heaven for Ken if Heaven even exists, especially if telling lies is really a Sin.
Though Ken possibly knows that Sin does not exist, but, Money certainly Does Exist!
Sagey says2014-04-06T08:00:29.313
Yes, If God existed, that God would definitely be on my side in this Opinion.
All my Christian (some scientists) are on my side, they have complemented me on it, as they hate Creationists too, for making Christianity look ugly and stupid.
There is no need for Anti-Science and Anti-Knowledge in Religion.
Creationism is just a money grab by Usurpers such as Ken Ham and Ray Comfort, who definitely worship money more than truth and God.

God would be with me here, as he would most likely want knowledgeable, Intelligent Believers, not half baked naive, unintelligent loons.
Sagey says2014-04-06T08:05:39.303
I cannot stress it any more than I already have:
This Opinion is not Anti-Christian, nor is it Anti-Religion.
It is Anti-Anti-Knowledge and Anti-Anti-Science.
It's all about denigrating Anti-Intelligent Nonsense that poses as religion, when it is not.
Young Earth Creationism is just a grab for money out of the pockets of the extremely poorly educated.
That is why Creationism is against science in classes, because knowledge reduces the number of pockets they can pick.
Young Earth Creationism is about the worship of the Almighty Dollar, Not God.
It's just a massive deception!
Sagey says2014-04-06T08:11:25.313
The Comments on the Right Hand Side of this Topic are only Confirming the TRUTH OF THE OPINION!
Loveshismom says2014-05-13T22:12:54.863
YECists aren't liars. We just love God and are using the very best arguments we can think of to "prove" our God. It's not about, lying, that's just a misconception. If you would like a good argument against evolution, I'll give you four, Sagey.
Sagey says2014-05-13T22:18:25.220
Ha Ha: Loveshismom: You state: "we just love God and are using the very best arguments we can think of to "prove" our God." That is called Making Crap Up to prove God, which is Telling Lies For God. The stupid stuff YECs make up is not only Impractical, it is Nonsense and Lies.
Loveshismom says2014-05-13T23:00:05.547
That's not what it is. It's just using the best arguments we can. You can make better arguments telling he truth than you ever can lying. I am a YECist, but the next time I argue for the existence of God, I'm not going to make stuff up. I'm going to provide hard evidence instead of jumping to conclusions like other YECists.
Sagey says2014-05-13T23:05:27.063
Problem for you Loveshismom, is there is no "Hard Evidence" for YEC mythology. It does not exist and everything presented from reality for YEC has been destroyed by investigation into its validity. Everything YEC has offered as evidence is completely Invalid.
That is why YEC has to Make Stuff Up!
There is nothing in the way of real evidence that supports YEC. So they have to Either Lie or Shut Up!
Sagey says2014-05-13T23:06:59.117
Trouble for YEC advocates is that they refuse to Shut Up and accept that their YEC beliefs are Unfounded.
Instead they keep Asserting Nonsense and Lies as evidence.
Loveshismom says2014-05-13T23:07:27.633
We don't make stuff up. A lot of usage simply jumping to conclusions. NOT THE SAME THING! I am a YECist, but I'm not going to make stuff up when I argue for God's existence. If I was an evangelist, I totally would be in it for God, not the money at all. In fact, did you know that the Bible condemns Lying, loving money OR putting anything in front of God? Those people were RAISED Christian. They all learned their lesson about lying as kids.
Sagey says2014-05-13T23:11:09.497
In that case YECists are Sinners according to the Bible, because all the YEC evidence produced in the last 20 years is nothing but Lies.
Ken Ham has thousands of Lies to account for, so he certainly has no place in Heaven.
Ray Comfort has even more lies to account for.
Both are Sinners according to you.
All both of them ever produce and publish on their Websites and Facebook pages are outrageous Lies.
So if you follow them, you too will end up in the fires of Hell.
Loveshismom says2014-05-13T23:14:52.173
That's a total misconception. We're just looking for the very best evidence we can find and THEN giving it. A lot of us jump to conclusions, but I don't do that anymore, and I didn't do anything close to that when I made my arguments against evolution. And from your previous comments, you confuse me about whether or not you want to hear them.
Sagey says2014-05-13T23:16:19.233
Where in the Bible does it state that people lived alongside dinosaurs: Nowhere.
Where in factual History does it state that humans and dinosaurs co-existed, Nowhere.
Yet Ken Ham stated this absolute Lie and thus according to you he is a Sinner.
Ray Comfort has also backed and stated this, making him also a sinner.
Hell fire for both!
Sagey says2014-05-13T23:21:47.053
Though factually: Dinosaurs still exist, we call them birds, but it has been shown that birds may be able to devolve back into dinosaurs.
The Ostrich is essentially a Velociraptor and the complete genetics of the Velociraptor are still present inside them.
By turning back on the genes that produced their Velociraptor traits ( genes which evolution has turned off or adapted for a different function) we believe that within the next 50 years we may be able to devolve an Ostrich back into a Velociraptor, thus completely prove Evolution to the entire world. Because the Embryos of Ostriches have all the features of the velociraptor, long tails, stumps for their teeth, arms, etc...
Birds are just little dinosaurs. BTW: velociraptors had proto-feathers, not scales like the movie Jurassic Park.
Sagey says2014-05-13T23:28:24.463
Also, we do not live on a 'Flat, Disk Shaped Earth, With A Dome Containing Water Above Us and Stars Glued To That Dome (using silly putty) that Fall To Earth (Revelations 16) when the Heavens (Dome) Is Shaken.
The Bible's concept of the earth being a Flat Circle (Disk) withe Corners (LOL) is proof alone that the Bible is Wrong about our Planet.
Creationists still cannot answer that Biblical Stupidity convincingly.
Many call it Metaphor, but if they do that, they are making the entire Creation story a Metaphor, so why believe it as Literal.
Loveshismom says2014-05-13T23:46:58.247
1.Even if you could successfully devolve an ostrich into a a Velociraptor, that would not prove evolution. You would still have to do a forward evolution (e.G. A monkey into a human, for instance.)

2. The Bible doesn't call the earth "flat." That's just another one of your many misconceptions.


3. "...According to you he is a sinner."

Actually, the Bible claims that everyone is a sinner.
Sagey says2014-05-14T00:04:49.733
Well if you think Liars cannot go to Heaven, then Ken Ham and Ray Comfort won't go to Heaven, if they do, then anybody can go to Heaven and telling massive amounts of Lies has no issues, so being a Liar means nothing.
You are digging yourself a hole there.

Yes, the Bible does state that the Earth is a Disk, there is nowhere in the Bible that it calls Earth a Sphere, the term most Apologists try to lie about is the term Circle, which still means Disk. There are several passages that state that stars will fall to Earth as if from the Dome above it and in one passage, if the Pillars holding the Dome (Heavens) will be shaken and stars fall to Earth.
That reference is destroyed by the many passages in the Bible which confirm that the Bible writers considered the Earth as Flat with ends, corners, but also a Disk. We are living on a Circle with 4 Corners, a Square Circle, the Bible writers were soooo Naive.
Sagey says2014-05-14T00:08:55.340
That reference Loveshismom posted from Christian Answers tells Lies.
There is no word for Sphere used in the Bible, the proper translation is Circle, like a Disk or Coin, not Sphere.
Typical Apologetic Lies.
Sagey says2014-05-14T00:12:23.617
Job 26 also mentions the "Pillars Of Heaven", which is what the Bible writers assume was holding the Dome that contained the Stars up above our Flat Earth.
It alone Defeats that Christian Lies, reference LovesHisMom posted.
Destroyed by its own references.
The writers of Christian-Answers are IDIOTS!
Loveshismom says2014-05-14T00:12:28.747
That is a total misconception. If you google "the Bible doesn't say the earth is flat," you find plenty of explanations for why it doesn't.
Sagey says2014-05-14T00:15:14.543
The Explanations are LIES: I've read them all, long before I joined DDO.
Funny how you cannot find any either, that Christian Answers website is DUMB!
Their explanations are Lies.
The Bible proved them to be Liars.
Jingram994 says2014-05-14T00:17:46.230
"Even if you could successfully devolve an ostrich into a a Velociraptor, that would not prove evolution. You would still have to do a forward evolution (e.G. A monkey into a human, for instance.)"

MASSIVE misconception of what 'evolution' even is in the first place. Evolution is not 'goal based'. Monkeys are not going to evolve into humans, because humans and other species of primates are still separate species'; humans did not 'evolve from monkeys'. Humans and other apes evolved from the same common ancestor.
At any rate, evolution can and has been proven innumerable times in laboratory conditions. Biologists see it happen literally every single day. All genetic change or mutation is evolution.
Nobody is waiting for a monkey to give birth to a human so they can 'finally prove evolution'; in fact, if that actually, verifiably happened it would clearly *DISPROVE* evolution, because that is flat-out not even close to what evolutionary theory tells us happens.
Sagey says2014-05-14T00:18:23.143
Remember, I studied Theology back in the 1970s and read the Bible twice, from cover to cover, I knew very well how the Bible viewed reality and the Earth as Flat. It was this jFACT that assisted my movement away from Christianity.
Sagey says2014-05-14T00:24:59.820
So True Jingram994: Yes, evolution is never goal based and we did not evolve directly from any of the current apes/monkeys.
We shared a common ancestor that for some reason lost some of it's ability to fight Evolution (genetic expression), we have less protection against mutations and thus evolve more readily than the other apes whose genetic expression has been suppressed.
Those apes have more protection against Evolutionary changes (mutation) where we lost some of ours back then.
This lack of protection renders us more susceptible to genetic deformities and cancers, so there is a downside to this lack of protection.
Those apes may never evolve or evolve far more slowly than hominids.
We are continually evolving.
Loveshismom says2014-05-14T00:25:06.147
Sageyjust how many misconceptions are u gonna throw at me?
Sagey says2014-05-14T00:27:56.443
@ Loveshismom: I have no Misconceptions, where you have nothing but Misconceptions. You know nothing at all about reality.
Stick to your computer games, that is as close to reality as you have ever gotten.
There's no reality in YEC knowledge, just Absolute Misconceptions Of Everything Real.
Sagey says2014-05-14T00:42:53.193
One explanation of Evolution I remember was during computer science as I trained for my Information Science Degree.
That explanation was using Fractals and defining the laws that state whether a pixel (Fractal point/ colored dot) could remain.
If that pixel satisfied a set of criteria it remained active/present, if the environment or the criteria changes, the pixel is replaced.
Such is Evolution.
While a species or a mutation of a species satisfy the criteria for survival (as with that pixel) it remains a viable species.
If the environment or the criteria (algorithm) changes, the species/pixel is no longer viable and gets replaced by one that is viable.
This is possibly why over 90% of all the species that have ever lived on Earth are extinct.
So much for the universe/earth being fin tuned for life.
Maybe in the next million years we may be extinct.
Sagey says2014-05-14T00:52:00.113
Every climate change renders thousands or even millions of species as endangered. The ice-age wiped out millions of species, now global warming is stressing and potentially going to wipe out thousands of different species.
Sagey says2014-05-14T00:57:27.777
Here is GOD's view of Religion:
Loveshismom says2014-05-14T01:30:50.930
You are either making all that up yourself or you never bothered to read my link. The "pillars" could have some reversal in gravity or something like that. It could mean that the earth is a sphere, but in an invisible box with pillars attached to its corners. Can you give me all the Bible verses that call the earth flat? You're just misconcoeving it all. Why don't you try he NIV version? I may have a few misconceptions, but you'll always have more. You're such a douchebag that you're making me want to leave DDO. And God doesn't send people to he'll people send themselves to hell.
Sagey says2014-05-14T01:38:49.413
The NIV is more contrived and modernized, thus Fraudulent. Nobody has an exact translation of the Bible, the King James is still considered the most accurate version.
Though it is also inaccurate.
You are calling the Pillars Metaphorical which means you should call all the Biblical concept of Creation, as Metaphorical, thus leaving your YEC claims without any substance, as they are all metaphorical.
The Bible writers were too dumb and naive to be Metaphorical, they obviously, really believed that the stars were glued to a Dome above the Flat earth.
Here is a short list of Flat Earth passages from the Bible, I found even more, but 30 years ago is a long time to trace back to, since my Theology notes were destroyed in the Great Flood here (LOL).

Here is a discussion on YEC concepts.
Loveshismom says2014-05-14T01:47:45.050
No, I am calling them invisible.
Sagey says2014-05-14T01:47:54.433
Here is an interview with Ken Ham, and an Interview with a Christian Astronomer. They have totally different opinions.
The Christian Astronomer is Correct, Ken Ham is WRONG!
Sagey says2014-05-14T01:57:11.400
Though Ken Ham almost understands Evolution:
Sagey says2014-05-14T02:35:02.940
Finally: To end the Nonsense in this Comment Column.
Here is the "Big Questions" debate/discussion on "Should Creationism Be Taught In Schools".
So here you can see that even Christians believe in Evolution, in fact most Christians believe in Evolution.
Along with 98.9% of Scientists who many are also Christians.
Loveshismom says2014-05-14T02:38:00.447
I don't need anything Ken Ham said.
Sagey says2014-05-14T02:40:33.270
Then you would have to agree that Ken Ham lives in a total world of Stupid Misconceptions and Delusion, or perhaps he is a Charlatan.
I think he is a Charlatan Usurper.
Loveshismom says2014-05-14T11:08:41.513
No I wouldn't
Sagey says2014-05-14T11:39:17.430
Ken Ham is Either (A) a Charlatan Usurper or (B) An Extremely Deluded Fool. Which is it?
It's the only 2 Apt descriptions of Ken Ham. He is certainly not Intelligent nor Rational.
Loveshismom says2014-05-14T12:19:48.723
C, dedicated Christian who is NOT in it for the money. "C is for Christian, that's okay with me!"
Sagey says2014-05-14T13:28:07.357
Wrong Loveshismom: C rhymes with B or Deluded Fool, so You can consider Ken Ham as a Deluded Fool.
Telling whopping Lies to Please God, Must Be A Deluded Fool! Cannot be anything else, other than a Charlatan who tells such whopping Stupid Lies for money. But Deluded Fool, Telling Ridiculous, Unsupportable Lies For God, because of His Delusional View Of God.
No God would ever want such a Nutjob on their Side. Hell is the only place for Ken Ham.
A sensible God would disown him completely.
Loveshismom says2014-05-14T22:19:31.383
Well then he's F
Loveshismom says2014-05-15T11:18:15.130
Sagey, a lot of Christians believing in evolution does not make it Christian.
Sagey says2014-05-15T11:48:28.353
No Loveshismom: It does not make it Christian, but, it means that it is accepted by the vast Majority of Christians.
It's only a small section of Christianity that don't accept Evolution.
Over 80% of Christians accept Evolution as having no conflict with their belief in Jesus Christ.
Loveshismom says2014-06-06T18:05:26.150
I am NOT an idiot.
Loveshismom says2014-07-17T21:45:57.210
@ Sagey, About all that "sinner" stuff you posted, Christianity teaches that EVERYONE is a sinner.
Sagey says2014-07-17T21:54:38.977
@ Lovehismom: There is only one group less Intelligent than Young Earth Creationists and that is the End-of-Times believers. On Sin, there is no such thing as Sin, it does not exist. Human Morality/Ethics is a product of Evolution, not any Deity. Our morality evolved from survival as a group and natural selection. It's so simple! Really, I don't know why people cannot understand this, oh, I forgot! So many have been Indoctrinated (brainwashed/mind controlled) into Surperstition/religion. Especially in the United States.
Loveshismom says2014-07-18T21:39:03.203
@ Sagey: "There is only one group less Intelligent than Young Earth Creationists and that is the End-of-Times believers."

We are not. When Jesus talked about the apocalypse, the moon crashing into the sun could have been part of what he was talking about. It's been scientifically proven that the moon WILL crash into the sun.

"On Sin, there is no such thing as Sin, it does not exist."

Actually the word can refer to anything immoral and some things can be deemed immoral from just about any point of view. If objective morals exist, then bad ones must too.

"Human Morality/Ethics is a product of Evolution, not any Deity."

Actually morality is pointless if there isn't a god because inevitable death+no god= everything is permissible/no afterlife= It won't feel any different and the things we did will eventually become insignificant. And I can make arguments that anything in the Bibe that can be viewed as immoral were justified.

It's so simple! Really, I don't know why people cannot understand this, oh, I forgot! So many have been Indoctrinated (brainwashed/mind controlled) into Surperstition/religion. Especially in the United States.

Actually, being brainwashed would render us incapable of the following:

1. Independent thought
2. Skepticism
3. Having good reasons (besides faith) for our beliefs

I posted an argument on this question that discusses Young Eearth Creationists' capability of these.
Sagey says2014-07-18T22:34:02.823
@ Loveshismom: Moon crashing int the Sun will do nothing, , that is like dropping a cup of water into the ocean, besides the Earth will not be fit to live on and human species of animal may be extinct before that time. Jesus knew less about cosmology than a 7 year old child, he knew absolutely Zip. Ethics/Morality is how humans were able to form cohesive groups and survive against opposing apes and predators, and it allows us to live in large cities. So it is certainly not pointless. It's your brainwashing that makes you believe Nonsense.
Your comments lack genuine Individual thought and Skepticism.
Your comments are classical Christian Apologetics teachings and demonstrate clearly that you have never thought Skeptically nor Critically about them. Because even a little bit of Rational Critical Skeptical think destroys all those Myths you just posted.
Proving that you have definitely been brainwashed.
Just as Jehovah Witnesses and Mormons are the world champions of Mind Control (brainwashing) many other Christian groups have borrowed techniques from them.
Because there is Absolutely Nothing Sane, Nor Rational about Creationist Evidence and Dogma. There is even less Sanity in the stupidity of the End-of-Times teachings.
They are Completely Irrational and ideas are Extremely Insane!
Any Rational, Skeptical Person would throw their Nonsense into a Rubbish Bin.
Sagey says2014-07-18T22:37:19.900
Yes, if human species of ape did not evolve Moral codes, we could not live in large cities, as it is our evolved morality that allows us to live together in large communities. Nothing pointless there, your comments demonstrate an Inability to think Critically nor Rationally. Demonstrating Indoctrination has damaged your Functioning Intelligence, Your indoctrination is obvious to anybody reading your comments with a Rational Skeptical mind.