• Realistically not the same.

    This is the type of question where you'll catch the feminist out. They'll stamp their feet at any suggestion that men are superior, while at the same time campaigning men have a greater portion of power - a patriarchy society seems to be the buzz word. Of course with power comes superiority. So if men aren't superior to women, there's no foundation to the argument of men having most of the power!

  • Look at the Crime Rates

    While one can quibble over the odds and ends of the principal differences between men and women (or male and female), I think by far the dominating factor is the differences in suffering they cause -- men cause a VASTLY disproportionate amount of the murders, rapes, and other violent crimes. From a strictly ethical standpoint, I'm sure most ethical systems would agree the world would be strictly better off if men were more like women.

  • No, pound for pound women are equal to men in every way.

    Here's why: Men and women both on average have distinct sets of attributes. For instance; men are stronger physically and women are more empathetic. When you total the attributes of both you find that they are complimentary. We need each other to be complete. This makes women our equals. Thank you.

  • Different, not superior

    The fact that men and women are different doesn't necessarily make one superior to the other, of course they both have some advantages and disadvantages but overall they are both equal. Men and women take different roles based on their different physical and emotional needs and abilities. Their difference shouldn't be denied, otherwise we'll end up with an unfair society. For example imagine how unfair a running race would be if both men and women participants were treated the same way. Some people think accepting this difference would mean that one is superior but that isn't necessarily true. There is both successful men and women, meaning that both have the set of tools and skills to reach success, they just have to recognize their different set of tools and skills and use them correctly to have a better social/personal life.

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