On, is there too much focus on Christianity, and not enough on other religions?

Asked by: 2Sense
  • Yes, Debate.Org focuses too much on Christianity.

    In this country, all people have a right to practice their religion and all religions are allowed. But in Debate.Org, it's like, all the debates that have to do with religion are Christian. The only other religion I came across was the Muslim. What about the others, Hinduism, Buddhist, Jewish, etc? Debate.Org should talk about them, too...

  • This site is user created content.

    Christianity makes up most of the English speaking world. This is because all the countries that were colonized by the US, and Britain. They brought Christianity with them to these new places. So, we are on an English site, and because of history, most people who are English speakers are Christian. So most people on this site are probably Christian. This site is user-generated content. If people want to talk about Christianity, that is what the site will reflect.

    And most atheists live in Western countries. Most western countries are Christian, so again, most of the religious discussion will be Christianity, because people have more of a vested interest in discussing it.

  • Even if so, so what?

    Yes, DDO's members do talk about christianity a lot in the subject of religion, and I do wish that more people would be willing to talk about other religions no matter what side you take about it like I plan to do in the future. But it doesn't really matter. America is a set of states full of christians. It is understandable why it is discussed so much. But it does no harm.

    And in response to the anonymous person on the other side, yes. People have the right to believe what they want. But embrace the fact that ideas don't have rights and that people do. Religion can be criticisized against, and rightfully should be in my opinion. The first amendment says we are perfectly entitled to.

  • The prospestant reformation, led to many good and bad things. It wasn't any other religion.

    Whether you like it or not, the founding fathers were guided by christianity, although they understood the dangers of acknowledging any religion officially. Christianity has bloody backgrounds like most religions. However it was the protestant reformation that primed England to be positioned for the industrial revolution, individualism through ethical guidelines were the goal. Even if during the industrial revolution they weren't followed by many.
    No other religion has had an impact positive and negative in the formation of this country as much as christianity, focusing in another religion opens the door to emulating other cultures. And historically a country with more than 1 culture, or multicultural country doesn't stay a country for long.

    If it matters, I was born catholic, but I'm not much of a church goer...Hell haven't been at one in years. Muslim was relevant hundreds of years ago, not anymore. No other religion has had the impact that Christianity has had, positive and negative.

    Posted by: N711

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