On the 10th anniversary of the Iraq War, was it worth it?

  • Yes it was worth it

    The Iraq War has my full support. I admit, it is very sad to see so many fellow Americans die, but they did it for their country and also for the Iraqis, our fellow humans. For far too long, the Iraqis had been living under the oppressive regime of Saddam Hussein. Because of our intervention, he was caught and faced justice for his horrible crimes against the Iraqi people. The war was justified because we had liberated the Iraqi people, and had spread our peace, liberty, and democracy to a troubled country.

  • Looking behind the Bushes

    It was worth it only for the Bush Family!
    The Iraq War was for the sole purpose of increasing the wealth of the Bush Family. Senior Bush, while in the CIA, even arranged the Bay of Pigs to protect his family’s offshore oil interests in Cuba in the Zapata Petroleum company. The Bush family is totally dishonest and has been dishonest going as far back as 1918 – total dishonest scum wealthy. Many of the wealthy families made their family fortunes illegally or dishonestly. Big Joke – the rest of us get to pay. And, these dirty B.A.S.T.A.R.D.S get to be Presidents. The whole ballgame is rigged.
    We the 99%, the workers need to fight against the Plutocracy.

  • Of Course Not

    While removing Saddam Hussein from power did look like a good idea at the time, it has created a power void that modern day terrorist groups like ISIS now run the area with a more oppressive hand than the dictator once did. Fun Fact: The 9/11 Bombings, which led to the invasion of Iraq, were committed by 15 Saudi Arabians and only 4 Iraqis

  • Millions of lives ruined, trillions of dollars spent, for nothing.

    We've spent trillions of dollars, lost countless lives on both sides, have ruined the mental health of millions, and all of it was for pretty much nothing. Iraq was a sovereign country that we blatantly started bombing for no real reason.

    The reasons that were given were spurious and turned out to be made up, the justification given completely false and gained through illegal means.

  • We did not plan for the final outcome.

    The whole thing was too costly. We try to bring Democracy to a people that are not politically ready for that form of government. We should have had a transition form of government ready to take over that would still be more like the old government. These people still attempt to sway a election with a bomb. They needed a firmer hand to follow a dictator.

  • No It Wasn't

    The Iraq War definitely wasn't worth it. Looking back, going over there was not even justified. The United States spent billions on that war and now our economy is terrible. We also lost a lot of soldiers in that war. We had no business going over there and the war was not worth it.

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