• If caught yes. If not, no.

    Everyone, I think has comitted some crime in their life. If you are caught and then have to pay the penalty, you are forever a criminal in the usa. Even if you go 30 years being a model citizen, it makes no difference. This is only if you pay for your actions though. Commit crimes, don't get caught, #1 citizen.

  • Know conclude that “once a criminal, always a criminal.” we must give second chances.

    This saying is only true because oftentimes we don't give people a second. We don't give them the chance to redeem themselves. Instead, we use their errors to discriminate against them. We make them feel worthless while depriving them of opportunities and community support. We set them up for more failures in life knowing that a criminal record is all that is needed to destroy the majority of convicts. Thank heaven, not all of them fall short.

  • Yes but no

    I was a criminal or am depending how you look at it, I used to earn up to £1000 a spree sometimes more depending on the day. I ended up in prison for years. I could easily go back into it as life is shit being a robot on command in a low paid job, clock watching my life away. Is prison really that bad. Er no not really, depends on the person.

  • Yes i m agree

    Yes i am agree to these topic because if a person do a crime then he or she would be said as a criminal for there lifetime,why do people does crimes to survive there life,or someone do these for there fun.Like for example there are so many types of crimes like robering,smuglering etc

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