• Yes, the soul is forever.

    Yes, you can still make memories once you die, because a person never truly dies. When a person dies, their soul continues. Depending on their religious beliefs, they will go to heaven, where their memories will be good, or they will go to hell, where their memories will be warm.

  • Yes, there is an afterlife.

    Yes, a person can still make memories after they die, because a person's spirit continues to live after they die. There are stories from people who have nearly died that are eyewitness evidence that there is life after death. The eyewitness accounts are further proof that the people who experience the afterlife remember it. Yes, life continues after death, along with memories.

  • Not as far as we know

    Memories are stored in your brain, suffice to say that if I were to disconnect a hard drive and set it alone on a table, no more information could be written to it. If our brains lose all ability to function, all energy and action stops, and our brains can no longer perform the operations they once did.

  • Once you die you cannot make memories anymore.

    Once you are dead, you cannot make memories anymore. The mind dies with the body. After our life is over, there is no more experiencing anything. The only memories that can be made have to be made when we are still alive. Unfortunately, death is the end of everything for us.

  • After you die, there are no more memories to make.

    Memories are comprised of living moments. They are your brain recalling things that happened during your lifetime. Once your lifetime is over, you are no longer active and nothing is happening to you. It is, therefore, impossible to make new memories after you die, though it may be possible to recall existing memories after death.

  • Once you die, you can not still make memories.

    Once you die, you can not still make memories. Of course any response to this question can not be proven but this is just my opinion on the matter. I think that once we die that is it. Anything in the past and in the future are erased and we go on to wherever. I think we did not have any memories before birth so therefore after will be the same.

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