One billion people: India a pool of opportunities (yes) or a burden (no)?

  • India a pool of opportunities or a burden

    Hello people
    Here I am starting this thread about the main problems as well as the main strength of India.
    I totally support that India is a pool of opportunities because with the strength of 1 billion people we can do anything what our nation wants. We can talk about poverty but here we are when we have 1 billion people we can easily increase our potential , our economic strength , our financial condition etc.

  • No, there's just too much poverty right now.

    In theory of course it is wonderful to have a billion people, who I am sure would be greatly talented if they had the right conditions to let their gifts and intelligence blossom. But most of them are living in just so much poverty and squalor that it is hard to see how this number of people can be more than a burden.

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