• They r cute

    They r cute
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  • Best band ever

    One Direction are the best band in the world I’ve been to see them 1 and I’ve seen harry and Niall in concert two and my father don’t really like pop music but he said he would go to to harry and Niall on his own cause he enjoyed it soooo much

  • One is the best band ever..

    Keep your s**tty opinions in your mind.. One direction is the best and will always remain as it is..... They r what people call real talent ......Not the BVB or 5SOS or whatever.... ONE DIRECTION IS THE BEST ONE DIRECTION WAS THE BEST ONE DIRECTION WILL ALWAYS REMAIN TO BE BEST.. 🎤🎧🎼🎵🎵🎶🎻🎹🎸

  • They are genuine

    They are the most adorable people in the entertainment industry right now and will always be.
    They have always proved their love towards the fans and there no reason for why somebody should hate them.
    They made fans, made friends,made family,made money(why not😽)
    they really are very talented lads and beautiful as persons
    Ps-they are the best❣

  • Well that is bull

    You people of society smell like cheese and make me want to throw a water bottle at your head.ONE DIRECTION IS THE BEST!!!! If you cant see that then i'll come and purge on your house :-) have a terrible day
    niall horan is the most amazing beautiful special rare amazing perfect human that has and ever will exist so SHUT TEH FUHCK UP

  • One direction are the best thing thats ever happened to this world

    One direction is the best thing thats ever happened to this world if you say there not you have issues and walter hobbes and greatwhi will tag team on you and you will no longer exsist so go away and please dont have a nice day thank you and go finf ronnie

  • Harry styles is alive and out there

    Harry Styles is alive and he's out there and he's wearing flamingo pink shirts and prancing around the stage and hugging unicorns and encouraging young girls to be themselves and supporting the LGBT community and laughing and showing his stupid dimples. He is beautiful and we are lucky to be living in the same era as him.

  • They are amazing.

    They have broken the mold for the stereotypical boyband. They don't wear matching outfits (like bands in the 50s), they don't have synchronized dance moves (popular in the 80s and 90s) and they are obviously different. They help with charities such as the Cinderella ball that Louis Tomlinson just organized. They are not only very kind and charitable, they have very catchy tunes. Their more recent albums are edgier than their debut album. Listen to songs like Alive for more of an edgy sound. Listen to Last First Kiss if you want a love ballad. Listen to Night Changes if you're looking for a nostalgic love song. Watch the Night Changes video if you're looking for laughs because it's adorable and hilarious. Listen to No Control if you're looking for a more mature sounding song. They have become the first billion dollar band and they've taken over the world, basically. But, it's a matter of opinion. I like them, you may not like them. The bottom line is: be respectful and don't be hateful.

  • One direction is the worlds best band.

    They are the first billion dollar boy band. They have millions of fans. They're kind, attractive, talented and just so great. They do lots of charity work and donate lots of money. I saw them in concert last year!. I'm going to meet them one day. I love them so much.

  • Yes they are

    One Direction is THE first band I've fallen in-love with from the beginning. They started as solo artist in the show X-Factor and made its way through boot camp, but was put in a group so all their talents wouldn't go to waste. Since then, they had stolen millions of girls' hearts nationwide. I feel that people who 'hate' them should give them a chance because they are different than all those other bands where they 'show-off' and try to be cool as they can be. One direction is not afraid to be weird, and embarrassed. For example, LARRY STYLINSON. A couple name (made by fans) between Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson. They try to give all their supporters the best by taking time with them when they can. Some lucky fans find and meet them on the streets just roaming around, and they do actually talk to them. I'm a proud directioner.
    Thumbs upthumbs down

    Posted by: mute
  • 1D is not the best band. It is not even in the top 50%

    Listen to amon amarth, Halestorm, Led zeppelin, jason richardson, ac/dc, nirvana, dethklok, guns n roses, trivium, slayer, slipknot, primus, sabaton, airbourne, rush, dream theatre, metallica, megadeth, anthrax, judas priest, van halen, motley crue, aerosmith, white stripes, animals as leaders, kansas, the who, the beatle, iron maiden, steel panther, and tool.

  • It Depends on the POV

    There is no right or wrong answer because this debate is based almost solely on opinion. Well, In my opinion- No, they are not but everyone's opinion is different and everyone has a right to their own opinion so we can not hate or judge. SWITCHFOOT IS THE BEST BAND EVER!!!!

  • Not The Best

    There is a definite problem when you say "best". In my opinion, and to a lot of other people, there is no "best" band in the world. Every band is great in their respective ways, but calling them the "best" would be saying that the band in particular is much better than other bands, and that the other bands would never catch up to their fame. So that is why I say no. Also, One Direction? Ehhh...I've listened to some of their songs, and they're definitely not my style. At least to me.

  • One Direction is a band?

    Let's get something straight... One Direction isn't a band. They're a "boy group" as far as I'm concerned. They make cheesy music that sells easily to young children and radio stations. They don't use real instruments, and their fans are about as close-minded as their music taste. I could go on, but I won't. It's just terrible.

    Posted by: S.K
  • One Direction is a page in a massive book of crap.

    It began in the 50's. Absolute garbage music that was systematically designed on a virtual conveyor belt for quick, easy consumption on a mass scale. The Beatles were the best boy-band ever, until they got smart and broke away from the lollipop world of bubble-gum pop music.

    Anyone who thinks One Direction is a new phenomenon is an ignorant fool. They are a little tiny spot in a massive web of pop music. They use an easy to follow pattern that was perfected long, long, ago. It's basic, basic, music that they didn't even write. They are a low-rent, terrible Mop-top Beatles cover band.

  • No, definitely not.

    First of all, they aren't a band. A band requires members to play musical instruments. Green Day is a band, Led Zeppelin, Fall Out Boy, The Killers, these are bands. One Direction is a boy band, a musical group comprised of multiple young male vocalists.

    Second, despite their current popularity, they are not "the best" in the world. Their vocal skills are limited, good but not great or worthy of the best. They cannot dance, which is also an important talent of a musical group. In fact, their are plenty of groups in the world who's talent outshines that of One Direction by far, including groups such as The Wanted, also from the UK and Exo of South Korea, who are very heavy competition in the Eastern World. There are also plenty of girl groups who are far more successful and worthy of success, like Girls' Generation, a South Korean girl group that dominates Asian and European charts with every new release. They trained musically, vocally and choreographically for years before they even debuted as a music group. One Direction only became a group because of a reality competition show called X-Factor, before that they didn't make much of an effort to become successful singers. They didn't train at all. Not to mention, their music is boring and they rely on fan service to remain popular which their fans are gullible enough to fall for at every opportunity.

  • I have ears

    The andrews sisters were the best!. ...

    And there are plenty modern ones that have better songs and music than everything one direction has combined.
    I actually like them a little, but there are far superior musical artists out there. You just need to find them. Depending on genres you enjoy.

  • I hate this band

    They are a committee of mentally unstable individuals. They are manipulative towards teenagers especially of the feminine gender. They are promoting cheap music. They don't know how to sing (All their songs are autotuned) neither do they know how to play the guitar. In the older days people would anticipate a new revolution towards the music industry and hoped for people with a better taste of music. But the egregious fact is that... It is worsening day by day. I expostulate against such a worthless band defaming the true meaning of music

  • It's a matter of opinion

    There is no way on narrowing down 'the best band in the world' as we all have different tastes and opinions on various matters, and to plus that there are a whole number of categories that can disconcern how one band is better than another. The question you pose is no different than, say, what is the best colour in the world. Or, why cherry is the best flavour of ice-cream. It is all down to one's opinion and taste. And defining the public characteristics of such individuals cannot persuade whether one is 'better' or 'worse' than any other. For example, though Isaac Newton was a genius and a scholar who revolutionised the field of science, he had major flaws in his personality; especially in his mental state, one such flaw, is that he believed that he could create a type of stone that was able to turn lead into gold and give eternal life. There are many other examples that I could use to convey my argument. But the bottom line is, it is a matter of opinion.

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