One in Nine Hungry World-Wide: Is World Hunger the fault of corrupt politicians?

  • Here is an interesting statistic

    When the U.S.A. was invading Iraq and there was that whole big war was taking place in the middle east the U.S.A. literally spent trillions of dollars on that war. A statistic came out after the war and it concluded that if all the money that was spent on the war was spent on world hunger and actually reached its destination world hunger would have been eradicated. Just goes to show that the any country even the U.S.A. is so corrupt that we would rather kill people with trillions of dollars than solve the problem of world hunger

  • Corrupt Politicians Are Guilty for World Hunger

    Corrupt politicians around the Globe are guilty for the World Hunger. Amongst the most notorious corrupt politicians are African leaders. Power occupiers use national resources for personal wealth growth, while the population live in poverty and poor health conditions. Global powers, such as USA, aim to fight corruption and World Hunger.

  • growing poverty world wide

    Recent reports shows some horrifying stats including the rapid growth of the poverty world wide. It's not a new news but this time the numbers are alarming. One in Nine Hungry World-Wide, mainly due unequal to resource allocation. The resourcew are limited to those in the power. Corrupt politician eat up most of the budget allocated to different programs and the poor do not get those.

  • They do not care about their people.

    We sent large amounts of aid to Africa, and the aid never reaches the people. The African governments use it for themselves or for their friends, or they resell it. These corrupt politicians do not care about building their own economies or helping their own people. They only want to stay in power.

  • Corrupt Governemtns Cause Hunger

    There is more than enough food aid to feed all the hungry in the world. However in many countries, the government and military use it as a political weapon, rather than allowing it to be fairly distributed. Food does not get to the needy because it is diverted to satisfy local agendas.

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