One million cars recalled to fix air bags that may not trigger: Should Nissan and all other car companies have better quality control?

  • Car Industry need better quality control!

    Having an air bag not functioning can be a matter of life or death. Car industry needs to be held responsible for all defects and they should have a better quality control by the third party, It's clear that the car industry is lacking in this department as we've seen many recalls in the last few years.

  • Yes, without quality control it puts peoples lives at risk

    I think all car companies should have the highest standard of quality control, to ensure the safety of not only the people who are driving the cars, but the passengers, and members of the public as well. Essentially, a car is a large metal box, which goes at amazing speeds, but if something goes wrong, such as the case here of air bags not triggering, even one car having this fault could mean the end of someone's life. And cars themselves cost so much to buy, you would expect them to be spending some of that money on the quality of their products.

  • Yes they should

    This could be a disaster if you get into a car accident and you die from that accident. A lot of people will end up having lawsuits because of this. Nissan needs to incorporate a better way of checking them out and make sure they are installed and operating properly.

  • No, I believe there are enough quality controls in place.

    I believe that sometimes you can look over a car a thousand times, but you still never know how it's going to perform when it's been on the road for years. Everything could look great in the factory and pass all kinds of quality controls, but then after a few years things start to break down. I think the car companies are doing the right think by recalling the product, but I don't believe these issues can be avoided entirely.

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