One million Iraqis flee: Should we accept them into the United States as refugees?

  • Everybody deserves a second chance

    Those people who are fleeting are just looking for a second chances.There country have been taken over and it's not their fault.We all get second chances one in a while and America is a great place to live in and it alos has lots of resources and maybe it may build a better relationship between america and middle east countries.

  • It would be humanitarian.

    With so many Iraqis fleeing, it would be a nice thing to do to welcome them into the United States. It would also open Iraq up to the West, because they would have relatives in Iraq that they would tell about the United States. A lot of Iraqis are moderates and would fit right into the United States.

  • If There is Space

    America should support those who cannot remain in Iraq. Much of the instability within the country is partly to do with the invasion that occurred at the hands of American troops. While it's against everyones best interests to send more soldiers back, welcoming those who are in need to your country will be a benefit in many ways. Showing a kind hand and letting these people trust you is one of the ways we can tackle radicalization. If you turn the away, anger will only turn to hate, and will lead them straight back into the arms of the terrorist groups.

  • No USA should not take refugess

    I think that US should definitely not accept the Iraqi refugees. Not only do I think it is a safety concern but will also hurt the US economy. Although they need help I do not think that they should be brought to the US we already have high levels of unemployment and would just add to it.

  • America can't be the world police.

    Letting a million immigrants in would pose challenges. Where will they live? Will they learn English? What will they do for a living? How will they learn the law and rules of America?

    I personally think if immigrants don't know English, they should not be allowed to come. You should learn the native language, and Hispanics are the worst offenders. They come in, know no English, can't write in English, and expect to get a job. Then some jobs accommodate for the English illiterate which is wrong. Basically, immigrants should learn the native language.

  • America has enough immigrants as is

    Arabs don't belong in america, in my opinion the only people that should be here are the natives, for obvious reasons. The hispanics, having owned the southwest of the US, and the whites, who owned the eastern coast.
    Besides who knows if they're connected to the terrorists, arabs have been known to be violent in the past, so you cant just let them in.

  • The US Needs to be smart about immigration.

    With so many Iraqis fleeing their country, they need some place safe to go. While immigration in the US is a controversial topic right now we need to be smart about immigrants into the United States. If the US allows fleeing Iraqis into this country, they should be offered citizenship through the proper, legal way.

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