One of the most controversial sports rivalries: Are the warriors better than the Cavaliers

Asked by: ak321
  • Go Play WARRIORS!!!!!!

    About the team,GSW has 4 all-stars(incredible).The stars also give the best performances and they are playing with each other very well!In CAVS,there is just Lebron James who could help the team to success.Kyrie Irving now has left.What can they do now!Lebron can only combine with JR SMITH.Now,this is the age of WARRIORS.There is no chance for Cavs to win the defending champion!

  • I'll be completely honest

    I literally do not give a shit about basketball or any basketball teams. I just saw that no one had answered this post yet and I wanted to be the first. The Warriors do have a cooler name, however. I have never been first on any posts yet, so this is quite exciting. Even if it is a topic that I don't care about.

  • The warriors are not better than the cavaliers, but the cavaliers isn't better than the warriors

    The warriors is not better than the cavaliers only because both teams has great players, and both teams has won the championship since the past 5 years plus they both have great staff, so i think both teams are equal , and at the end there just big competition to each other.

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