One screen of Monsters University took 29 hours to produce: Does Pixar get enough credit for the films they produce?

  • They are creative geniuses!

    I don't think anyone truly doubts how amazing the work done by Pixar is. They produce amazing visual scenes that really provide for a more realistic "cartoon" feel. They have come a long way in terms of technological advances in the world of film making, and I think most people can appreciate their work.

  • They are famous around the world.

    Yes, Pixar gets enough credit for the films they produce, because everyone knows that they are cutting edge. Pixar has been the leader in animation entertainment for years. Disney does not even come close. They have won many awards and they receive plenty of accolades for the work that they do so well.

  • They get paid just fine

    If one screen took 29 hours to produce, that, to me, seems an incredible waste of resources. Pixar gets credit enough with the large sums of cash people hand over to view and own their media. If the movies stop grossing in the billions, they will stop putting so much time into each frame or screen.

  • No, Pixar does not get enough credit for the films they produce.

    No, Pixar does not get enough credit for the films they produce because they work so hard to make the best movies in the world. They have consistently made wonderful films that are great for the entire family. All of their movies are acts of love and they do not fall short of perfection.

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