One Touch Make Ready Ordinance in Tennessee: Should Google Fiber be allowed access to ATT's and Comcast's wires?

  • Internet access is a public service

    Google Fiber should be allowed to utilize the existing infrastructure and wiring to provide high-speed internet to the communities seeking it in Tennessee. ATT does not have a monopoly on internet service and does not retain the rights to the locations of wiring. Adding additional wires would cost too much and cause more problems.

  • They should pay for them.

    It Google wants to use someone else's wireless networks, they ought to be willing to pay for it. Fiber isn't cheap and the networking systems are quite complicated. Someone has to pay for that. Google cannot just come in and use someone else's hard work if they cannot agree on terms with ATT and Comcast.

  • No, they are private companies.

    The wires of Comcast and ATT are owned by private companies and they should not be forced to allow Comcast access to their wires. Although it seems like a nice idea and it would be helpful for the citizens of Tennesse. But it sets a dangerous precident and could be used against private citizens.

  • No, giving Google Fiber access would hinder private development

    No, Google Fiber should not be allowed access to ATT's and Comcast's wires. ATT and Comcast spent their own money, developing the wires through private investment. ATT and Comcast took the risk, and Google Fiber should not be able to profit off their work. The government allowing access, would hinder private development because it takes away the advantage of building infrastructure.

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