One year on: Should Scotland be independent from the United Kingdom?

Asked by: Chris96
  • Scotland is different from the rest of the UK

    In general Scotland tends to have different opinions about issues such as trident and the EU. It seems that most people in Scotland, and the SNP ( Scotland's biggest political party ), want rid of nuclear weapons because of how costly and destructive they are, we just need to look at the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki to see their horrific effects. Despite their effects the conservative and labour parties , which are hugely popular in the rest of the UK but have only 1 seat each out of a possible 59 in Scotland, are in favour of renewing trident.

    Scotland also differs when it comes to EU membership. I am Scottish and the general feeling I get is that most people in Scotland want to remain in the EU whereas most people in England would rather leave. There may be a referendum in the UK in 2017 about whether the UK should stay in the EU or leave. It is looking like England would vote to leave and Scotland would vote to stay, if this happens there would be no logical reason for the continuation of the union , you can't just force Scotland to do what England wants.

    Scotland also has the most popular independence movement in the UK. Despite losing the independence referendum the yes side still won 45% of votes which is still nearly half of the country. In the 2015 general election the Scottish national party won a colossal 56 out of 59 possible seats, and it is looking like they will have another landslide victory in the 2016 Scottish elections. So I ask, why would a country vote overwhelmingly for a party that wants Scotland independent if they themselves do not want Scotland to be an independent country one day?

  • Best for Scotland

    Instead of only getting crumbs from Westminster, we will be in control of our own finances. We can scrap trident and develop our own military (which won't be dragged into illegal wars we didn't want).

    We also won't have to pay for projects in England which will never benefit people in Scotland

  • Independence is just the normal way for any normal country to run her affairs.

    Rule from the south east of the country to our south by an increasingly out of touch wealthy elite from the English public school system, can never represent the people of Scotland. The Union was a temporary stitch up to allow Great Britain to exploit the colonial system that was developing back then. Boy, did it work! Many in the ruling classes became incredibly wealthy and even today in this post-colonial period some families are still coasting along on that original wealth. Westminster has not come to terms with the post-colonial world at all well. The grim determination with which the union is defended by lies and deceit gives the overwhelming impression that Scotland is regarded as a mere colony. Indeed, if you were to look at the 1911 edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica, you would find a list of "Territories of the British Empire" "(and how each were acquired by England)" For most, the "acquired" bit lists "Conquest", but for Scotland it lists "Union" Time to move on.

  • Home rule for Scotland

    Most countries have debt but the real question is what are you prepared to be in debt for.Ldefinately do not choose trident,or the upkeep of old codgers sleeping in the House of Lords.I choose jobs for more people.Higher wages for nurses ,teachers and security services.I choose hope over fear always.

  • The vow has NOT been delivered

    The 3 leaders and Brown made the vow and promised Scotland home rule, Devo Max and near federalism the week before the referendum. This was a panic move when the polls showed YES in front.
    12 months on there are no new powers and a watered down Scotland bill with reduced finances.
    Scotland voted in 56 out of 59 MPs, we will not go back in our box and will continue to fight for independence

  • Fairer, greener, and more prosperous Scotland.

    One year on since the NO result the vow has been broken, Westminster attempted to shadow off Scotland, and bring it back to ''old ways''. Taking our own affairs into our own hands: Scotland is ready to participate to the world in her own manner, she should be able to decide for herself on political issues such as; Defence, Tax, Foreign Policy, Immigration, Social Security etc... Get who we vote for: Scotland has a very fair voting system, yeah sure, we can't all get who we want, but the Scottish system is certainly more representative than the UK voting system. No more Nuclear Weapons: A disgraceful piece of weaponry that should not be played with, the way forward for Scotland is nuclear disarmament, which we can only get via Independence. YES to have full control over the changes that come to Scotland, such as securing an oil fund to finance our future generations. I am YES, are you?

  • Far too Vulnerable, A European Liability, and a Significantly Weakened UK


    I would say that the UK itself is viewed very favorably by the rest of the world. It is a staunch and powerful ally of not only the United States, but also of Europe. Scotland leaving not only weakens the UK, but also creates a liability for both as well. Scotland will have to police its own borders and will not have the backing of the UK. This will cause potential security concerns for both regions. The UK will suffer a significant loss to its GDP (8.3%) and Scotland will likely try to apply for the EU, or even worse, stay on its own. This will open up a country that will likely generate a lot of debt because of strong public programs with no real way to pay for them; remember, the UK is paying for those programs as a whole. Militarily, this would be a good opening for opponents of the UK to exploit. The only real defense from this would be to have nuclear weapons. Since you would want to disarm, this would have a direct cause of having the UK's problems become Scotland's problems. So in my opinion, there is relatively little benefit, other than self governance, to separating. It ultimately ends up as a lose/lose for both countries.

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