Ongoing conflict in Iraq: Should the intelligence community have seen this coming and reacted sooner?

  • They didn't have enough independence.

    Yes, the intelligence community should have seen the problems in Iraq coming and they should have reacted sooner, because we should have had enough intelligence on the ground to know what was about to happen. Iraq and Iran should be places where we have a large amount of intelligence. They are the biggest threats to the United States, so we should have had the intelligence in place to know about this.

  • Yes, something should have been done sooner

    I think Iraq has been a ticking time bomb and has been allowed to just go on the back burner and let all the tension build. I I feel that the intelligence community should have been on top of this and never let it escalate too much and now everything is out of hand again.

  • No, there was no way for the intelligence community to see this coming.

    While intelligence is a major field in predicting threats to a country's power and freedom, it is impossible to predict everything, especially when there are so many threats. There is only so much the intelligence community can do to intercept these events, so it's not possible for them to know everything.

  • No need for intelligence community to see conflict coming

    Intelligence should not have be required to react to the ongoing conflict in Iraq as it is purely a domestic matter. This does not pose threat to the world at large and is a conflict between factions within the country. There is no need for intelligence to react or to become involved.

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