• Online classes better than offline

    In my opinion, Online classes better that offline classes, Because students don't need to waste time getting to school, They can join the lesson from home, Even while lying on the bed. Also, On distance learning you can be in the comfort zone, You can wear comfortable clothes and eat whenever you want. Moreover, During the distance lesson teacher doesn't waste time to make students calm, Because everyone has their microphones turned off, This way the lesson is much more productive.

  • Online classes are effective.

    There are things I consider why online classes are way effective than face-to-face classes. First, Students are no longer required to go to schools and stay in the crowded classrooms 8 hours a day. Second, It has shown us the limitations of technology-mediated learning. Third and the last, What we know is that students learning at distance, Taking courses mediated by technology, Require much greater levels of support than students in face-to-face settings.

  • Online classes yes

    I prefer online classes because I don't tend to socialize that much so it's great I don't have to that and I can get my work done from the comfort of my home which is very cool and since it's online they have power over me I can do what I want

  • Online Learning is the best B/c its very flexible and ubiquitous

    As every coin has two faces alike every thing has its benefits as well as its disadvantages. But we will prefer the one which has less disadvantages and ore benefits. So same as that here we can say that online classes has its one benefits. In Online classes you are independent of time and place. You can attend the class and learn anything anytime from anywhere.

  • Offline Better Than Virutal

    I met to says there is minium distractions. There is less of techonogaligy problems. There is easier way to communicate through the site. You can't always use spell check and one unefficent tool. There is special needs kids who can't be able to read on screen and shy kids called a word " Camera Shy. They have speech problems due to not be able to focusing and you can get bored and more stress out. I will prefer if all schools has options to do Virtual and onsite campus. Teachers can also get distract these day being remote online. I do see the cons and pro in both. I just perfer onsite campus especially when the lack is and it is harder to learning thing. There are some people needs to have a hand-activity to be assign which is harder to do it virtualally. Not everyone have same equallivent techongoly or high 5-g wifi.

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