Online Grocers to Accept Food Stamps: Should more online food sellers be willing to accept food stamps?

  • Yes, food stamps should be used online.

    I feel that more online food shops should offer the facility to accept food stamps, as these are widely used by people receiving benefits to provide a better diet for themselves and their family. These may also be used by disabled people who cannot physically get to the shop to use the stamps if they cannot use them online.

  • It is how we shop today.

    Yes, more online food retailers should be willing to accept food stamps, because it is just reality that people are turning to online shopping more and more. Sometimes, a single parent living on food stamps is tired and busy. Instead of having to pack up all the kids, he or she can just shop online.

  • Online shopping is easier and may help those on food stamps.

    When you buy online, you don't have to pay for gas or bus fare which saves you money. A little extra savings can be a huge help for families who depend on food stamps. Plus, if they buy enough to qualify for free shipping, then it's a little bit more money that goes into their savings.

  • No, online food sellers do not need to accept food stamps.

    Because most grocery stores accept food stamps, online food retailers do not need to feel obligated to accept them. The majority of areas have accessible grocery stores, making it unnecessary to shop online for food. In addition, many people who utilize food stamps do not have the money to pay for online access.

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