Online university degrees: Are online university degrees a good idea?

  • No, they are not.

    I have taken classes online and in person, from 4-year universities and community colleges, and without question, online university degrees should not be allowed. Some courses, like math courses, you don't need interaction with others to learn, so that's fine, but courses like biology (with "virtual" labs) or English where you should be discussing with others, are useless online. It's also a LOT easier to cheat.

  • Reduces Costs, Makes Education Affordable

    Almost everyone in America has Internet access, whether through a computer or smart phone. Getting an online degree from an accredited brick-and-mortar institute of higher learning is a cost-effective way to earn an education for working parents. Online university degrees are unique ways to earn training credits for advanced degrees so parents can make more money. There is no room and board and hardly any residency requirements. Online degrees cost less which prevents economic burdens on families and on student loan companies.

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jenifferhype says2014-03-18T13:39:12.887
When you ge your degree from an online university, you don't have to quit your job, especially if you need to work to earn money for tuition. This is an opportunity to work and school made it easier for people who could not pay their tuition and not only this with online education you can also complete your Education earlier by Enrolling in Fast degree program