Open primaries: Are open primaries at risk of voter manipulation?

  • Open primaries may actually be a cause of voter manipulation

    An opposing party may actually be at fault of manipulating voters in an open primary.Voters may feel that their particular vote is not all that important if the candidate that is winning is not the one of their choice.This may work to discourage voters from exercising their right to vote.

  • Open primaries are definitely at risk of voter manipulation

    Many primaries I have been to and participated in are dreadfully at serious risk for voter manipulation; solely because, most times there is not an accurate ballot count for those given ballots. I could have filled out three or four ballots to the same individual and it would have gone unnoticed. I have also heard stories about where a privately paid "voter" has removed ballots from the system which may have led to the affected's loss of their campaign. There needs to be a better system. These computerized systems are a joke as well. Most don't need to enter any info, just their age, DOB, and gender. Which can be used quite a few times without throwing a red flag. Others may jump in the back of the line as well, and re-vote. Once again, manipulating the tally.

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