Open primaries: Do open primaries promote moderates over extremes?

  • Yes,open primaries tend to promote moderates.

    Open primaries tend to promote moderates over extreme candidates.Someone from the opposite party may feel strong enough about a candidate that they will cross over for that particular election even though they are normally associated with the other party.This way moderates are encouraged to vote for candidates that are more like themselves.

  • Yes, open primaries promote moderates over extremes.

    Yes open primaries promote moderates. It is my belief that many times closed primaries, those to their own parties, only promotes those who hold extreme views within their party to vote since only those in extreme beliefs tend to vote for only their own party and not those of both. If the primaries were to be open than more moderates would be more inclined to participate because they could elect with more diversity who they might want to be placed in the running for the election.

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