• Cats don't deserve all the hate and bullshit

    Even though both cats and dogs have their strengths and weaknesses, Making them roughly equal, I must give my vote to the feline species due to the undeserved hate and stupidity of most humans out there. First off, Cats are cute as hell, Both in appearance and how they sound. They're also quite independent, Which perfectly suits my busy lifestyle - cats are the only pets who clean themselves all the time and ask me to open the door for them when they want to go outside to pee or poop. Even though I can't take them for a walk, They're still affectionate enough, Offering me a massive amount of love in exchange for fulfilling their basic needs (aka food and shelter). So, Before talking discriminatory crap against any animal, Take a look in the mirror and remind yourself of all the countless atrocities humans have inflicted upon this beautiful world.

  • Are we talking bout taste?

    Hahah, It’s not racist cause I’m a minority and I’m Asian. The question we should all be asking is, “Why exactly is eating a dog or cat so disliked by society? ” YES PEOPLE THIS IS THE QUESTION WE SHOULD BE ASKING. I totally didn’t make up this question JUST to get my statement in.

  • Cats can do almost anything a dog can do.

    Let's start off with that I don't hate dogs. Cats can help you emotionally with their purring which has been proven to reduce stress. Cat's can even detect when your about to experience a stroke or seizure if the cat is trained. In one case a cat even knew how to dial 911!

  • Cats are dumb

    Dogs are literally a man's best friend. Cats are dumb and mean skksks. Dogs can be trained in many ways and cats really can't. Have you ever heard of a fire cat? A therapy cat? A police cat? Also cats are disgusting. They poop and pee in a box which stanks up the house and is awful for the owner to keep on doing. Yeah cats are cute and cuddly or whatever but what happened to scratching evreything?

  • Neither is "better"

    I have owned both and I definitely prefer cats; however, I cannot (nor should anyone else) try to argue that one is superior to the other. Cats tend to be a bit more introverted than dogs which suits my own introverted personality but dogs also can make wonderful companions. I honestly hate that this debate even exists because it makes people unduly hate innocent animals (usually cats but it can go the other way) who only want a loving home and a full belly. Dogs and cats are both awesome and there is nothing wrong with having a preference and neither is better than the other

  • Dogs have more love to give

    Both Dogs and Cats are known for reducing human stress and anxiety so cats aren't special.
    Service DOGS: Dogs are normally recommended for those who have seizures, Strokes or episodes more than cats. This is because dogs are more easy to train, Are less likely to run away, Have heightened attention to their masters and are physically powerful enough to protect their human.
    A cat may have dialled 911 but dogs work with the police constantly due to their physical status and loyalty.
    Dogs in general are also much more playful than cats and frankly more fun.

    Posted by: Shav
  • I own both and I saw dogs

    Dogs may be more simple than cats but they are more easier to control and can protect you from strangers. I do not even know where my cat goes and I am afraid of him getting into danger. My dogs are content with just playing and are very easy to understand

  • Cats will never be as good as dogs.

    Dogs have been bred by humans for millennia to be companions and helpers. Dogs are objectively better than cats when it comes to certain things. For example, Helping the blind. There are no "seeing eye cats", Because dogs are better suited for that. I don't know what cats are better suited for.

    Cats seem to be preferred by people who wants a pet that doesn't need any emotional attention. Having a cat is like having fish. You feed it and clean its tank or litter box. That's all there is too it. There's nothing else to do with them. With a cat, You can only pet it when THEY decide.

    Cat's can't be compared to dogs. Cats suck. There's a reason dogs are known as "mans best friend". Dogs are better.

  • Dogs are G. O. A. T.

    You can develop a true relationship between a dog and its owner. Cats will do whatever they want. Dog are better companions and will follow you around. You can pet them and take them on walks. Cats are much harder to train than dogs. Dogs can also protect you from enemies.

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