• I believe abortion is immoral and does not help women, But hurts them.

    Straight facts:
    1. Less than. 5 percent of abortions are because of rape.
    2. 92% of abortions in America are purely elective.
    3. Roe v Wade decision made ALL abortions legal.
    4. 86% of Americans say abortion should be illegal after the first 6 months of pregnancy.
    5. 72% of Americans say abortion should be illegal after the first 3 months of pregnancy

  • Let Women Have Choices! ?

    Why is this even still a question? Just let people make their own choices about their bodies. Yes once it is awhile in I can see the argument more, Once it has a heartbeat and limbs etc that abortion becomes iffy but seriously guys. Abortion should be legal because many women would just get unsafe, Unprofessional abortions, Which is far more dangerous.

  • It's the woman choice.

    Woman should have a choice. It's their body. Why can men walk out and woman have to stay with the baby? Its not fair. Yes, There is better options like putting the baby up for adoption but, If a woman wants to get an abortion, Let them! It's really not your f***ing choice. If congress makes abortion illegal, 1. They're idiots but we already know that, And 2. Men walking out on a pregnant woman should be illegal too. Also, It's absolutely miserable being a foster child. The system is horrible and if the child has a sibling they often get split up. Woman also have to live knowing they will most likely never see their kid again. While that also comes with abortion, At least they never saw the baby in the first place, If they did the woman could have a chance to become close to the baby. Abortion stops that from happening. Im pro-choice and if you're not I'm fine with it but stfu and don't go spreading your opinion. It's not immoral its their choice.

  • The single best preventive measure for abortion is something that most anti-abortion people also oppose.

    The single most effective tool for the prevention of abortion is a full, Detailed and proper sexual education. At or immediately before sexual maturation begins. Unfortunately, The people who rail against abortion the loudest are the same ones who refuse to allow even their own children a full, Detailed and proper sexual education. The main reason they deny it is because they believe (erroniously) that knowing how reproduction works will encourage teens to engage in sexual activity when numerous studies have proven that a full, Detailed and proper sexual education actually reduces teen pregnancy massively. It also massively reduces STI transmission also, Across all age groups. Instead of spending the time and effort fighting against abortion, It would be greatly more beneficial for society as a whole if that energy was spent teaching teens about the dangers and consequences of sexual activity. I see some statistics in the other argument. I haven't taken the time to fact check them but I will say, I am confused about "elective abortion". Does that number include women who have been advised by a doctor to abort because of a risk to the life of the mother? Or does it not? I am pretty sure that there are more than 8% of abortions done in those cases. So what else counts as non-elective. Really, This issue really only boils down to one thing. Does someone having an abortion have a real, Negative effect on your life? In other words, If Susie, Who lives on the other side of the state, You don't know her, You've never met her, Decides to abort, What hardship has that choice placed on your life? Yes. None. If you want to argue that abortion is immoral, You are probably taking a religious standpoint. Fine. If YOUR religion tells you abortion is wrong, Why does that give you the right to impose that "morality" on someone who doesn't share that belief. Basically, If you don't believe in abortion, Don't have one. Simple. That doesn't mean that someone else shouldn't have that choice.

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