• Great you tuber

    First off he is extremely funny. Every single video, Without fail, Has made me laugh. Sometimes to t point I have to press pause and take a second to collect myself.
    Second, He has a very sweet and easy to listen to voice, Even when he’s screaming it’s still comforting in a strange way. If I’m ever feeling like shit (which I do almost all the time) I’ll watch on of his videos. Extremely entertaining and makes me feel better.
    Third. I just find him kinda cute ngl.

  • He is funny and he makes me laugh to the point I can’t breathe

    He is 26 and he is raging at wii party and wii sports it i hilarious he is an anti-Elisa and watching him rage at baseball is the funniest thing ever I love poofesure he is amazing and he should never stop he also is pretty hilarious and some of the things he says may seem over the top but he is awesome.

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