• Don't operate someone else's country until ours is in order.

    It's hardly the "protection of democracy" to bully an entire people's way of life for private gain. Why not protect democracy in America before trying to outsource it to other countries!? There are plenty of issues here at home that need intervention that we should not, as a country, place Iraqi issues at higher than our own.

  • Iraq Must Help Itself

    Decades have been spent with America and other countries in the West trying to stabilize Iraq and the Middle East, yet new groups always seem to form and come back. Money needs to be spent domestically to help prevent these groups arising, and other methods that require less funds should be used in aiding Iraq.

  • America Should Focus On Domestic Issues

    I believe America does need to focus on domestic issues more as the conditions in our own country are deteriorating quickly. This is not seen by the masses of the rest of the world however it is painfully obvious when you talk to the poor here. We do not have the means to help Iraq any longer and we shouldn't feel the need to either.

  • We should not be putting so many resources into the stabilization of Iraq.

    We have spent over ten years and poured billions and billions of dollars into our occupation in Iraq. The country's stability is as worse as ever and in the process of trying to put a band aid on a severed leg, we have contributed to the murder of thousands of innocent men and women. By declaring a war on this and a war on that in another country we really only make extreme violence worse.

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