Ordination of gay priests: Should Christian churches allow gays and lesbians to be ordained as priests?

  • Jesus said love me and love one another

    Why would anyone deny someone's calling to serve Jesus? Jesus loves us all and anyone who has Him in their heart and wants to spread the word should be allowed...Churches are made up of people, and we are all sinful, greedy bastards, everyone of us! Jesus knows this and said I love you anyway, keep me in your heart and I'll love you forever..What greater thing is that? Anyone who wants to come to the table is welcome!!

  • Yes, they should.

    Gay and lesbian priests should be allowed into the church and ordained. It seems silly not to let them in just because a lifestyle they lived before choosing to devote their life to God. Some priest have probably done drugs, or crazy things as a teen, it is great if the only flaw in these ones would be they are gay.

  • Aren't we all gods children?

    I am not into religion, so take what I have to say with a grain of salt. Recently, the pope has come out in acceptance of gay and lesbian people. If the pope can accept them, can't all Christians? If a person wants to become a priest, as has proven their loyalty to the church and God, then why shouldn't they able to practice something they love? They are humans, just like everyone else.

  • Homosexuality is a sin!

    Man may pretend to change God's laws, but he will find on his day of reckoning that he has dug a deep pit and murdered the souls of others through his unGodlike behavior. Why would anyone in take spiritual counsel from one who blatantly mocks God? Romans 1: 24-27. Those who preach must be trying to become Godlike. The spirit of God does not whisper to those who deliberately trample him under their feet. While I may love the sinneras He does, I will never love or accept the sin of homosexuality and neither will He. If I did, I would find myself like you will on that glorious and terrible day wishing the rocks to fall upon me and hide me from His piercing eyes. May those who accept and practice this sin find redemption from it before it is too late.

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