Oregon approves home delivery for weed: Should more cities follow Oregon's example?

  • Yes, more states should follow

    America is a country of free enterprise. If marijuana is legal in your state, there should be no reason why there should not be a legal delivery service. As long as the person receiving the weed can verify that he is of age and legally able to obtain weed, businesses should be able to accommodate the demand for a delivery service. It is the American way.

  • The benefits of pot delivery are better than the potential problems

    Some people that use pot use it solely for its medicinal benefits. Those individuals should not be forced to go out into society in pain just because there are concerns about problems associated with pot delivery. For those that use pot for recreational purposes, surely some of those go out into public when they are impaired. Allowing them to stay home and have their pot delivered is better for the general public at risk.

  • Home Delivieries For Medical Marijuana

    Many Americans across the country are unable to get up and get out on their own. With the growing number of those with disabilities, home delivery services are growing in demand. Many of those that live in states where marijuana use--whether it is medical or recreational--is on the rise. For those who are unable to procure it themselves, home delivery of marijuana should be available providing they can fulfill the requirements to do so if it is medical and if they are of age if recreational.

  • Yes, that seems like a good idea.

    This is smart. If people have to go out to buy marijuana, they may be tempted to smoke it on the way home. Oregon does not want people to smoke and drive, so if they can have it delivered to their home, that would reduce that risk. I would expect there to be high demand for weed delivery.

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