Oregon passes a law to eliminate coal-fired power: Should the remainder of the country follow suit?

  • Coal fired power should be slowly phased out

    There are tons of people who work in the coal industry, that would go jobless if they were to suddenly ban coal-fired power. However, more importantly, is the effect on the future. The pollution it gives off can cause more harm, and ultimately outweigh the benefits for these workers. Perhaps a plan to slowly phase it out would be best.

  • Yes, we need to do what we can to avoid further damaging our atmosphere.

    Climate change has become a serious, visible problem over the past decade or so, with natural disasters happening more often and with greater intensity. While eliminating coal-fired plants won't be enough to stop climate change, it's a very good start and a strong commitment towards a more sustainable, environmentally friendly means of energy production.

  • Yes others should follow suit

    Eliminating coal fired power and increasing the usage of solar and wind power will help in promoting clean energy. This will help the entire nation.Oregon has become the first US state to pass laws to rid itself of coal, committing to eliminate the use of coal-fired power by 2035 and to double the amount of renewable energy in the state by 2040.

  • The country should do not follow Oregon's lead in and eliminating coal-fired power

    Oregon was incorrect to pass a law to eliminate coal-fired power. Because the entire narrative of coal fired power is based on questionable science surrounding climate change, the remainder of the country should not follow suit. There are too many questions and the science is unsettled. Not to mention the number of people who will lose jobs.

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