• Access to guns should be more restricted

    I think lax gun control laws are partially to blame for the rash of school shootings, most recently the one in Oregon. Guns should be more regulated and legal gun ownership should carry with it very strict regulations on gun storage and security. It should be tougher to get a gun, and households with them should have very strong secure locks on them, so that kids can't get them.

  • Yes, But it is Not the Whole Picture.

    Tougher gun laws could be nothing but a good thing in the United States. The amount of people who would be eligible for legal gun ownership within the country is too high, and this leads to problems in it's own right. The true problem is the lack of proper mental health support, but this is exacerbated by the ease of which many of these people have access to guns. These guns may not be their own, but the fact that they are there to take means that it's much harder for these crimes to be prevented. More needs to be done in the way of restrictions and harsh punishments should be given to those who do not keep their weapon in a place where only they have access to it.

  • Guns are transported and sold illegally all the time.

    If there were stricter gun laws, we would not be safer. We would be in even more danger because then we have nothing to protect ourselves with. I think if we just make cop enforce the gun laws already in place and we do something about the millions of guns being transported then we can keep guns, because I definitely want to keep guns. There's really nothing wrong with them.

  • If Guns are common.

    The criminally insane might not want to attack people as much because they might be worried they would attack someone with a gun. Gun violence won't decrease, but the common people will have some means to defend themselves. People will start feeling safer with a gun nearby, but they should still keep bullets locked up secretly.

  • We can't stop it.

    No, lax gun control laws are not really to blame for the Oregon School Shooting, because a person who wants to hurt others does not need a gun. Look at Timothy McVeigh and all of the people that he killed in his attack on the Oklahoma City federal building. Gun control laws only make honest people register their guns.

  • Strict gun control laws contribute more to gun violence than lax laws.

    Lax gun control laws are not a major contributing factor to gun violence. Take Chicago, for example. Chicago has some of the strictest gun ownership laws in the United States, and yet they continue to have some of the highest gun violence rates in the United States. We need to start enforcing laws that we already have, not inventing new ones.

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