Oregon shooter identified: Are children of conservative parents more likely to engage in gun violence?

  • Yes, I believe that children of conservative or repressive parents are likely to commit gun violence.

    It is my belief that children of conservative or repressive parents are more likely to commit harm or violence, especially via gun. Conservative households tend to have at least one gun on the premises. The children of these households are taught inappropriate coping mechanisms for their emotions, ranging from screaming, running, hitting pillows, or even going to shooting ranges. When you learn that violence is an option to cope, you eventually turn to violence as a way to deal with reality.

  • They are mental health issues.

    No, children of conservative parents are not more likely to engage in gun violence, because the shooter in California the week before was very liberal. Many of the shooters are very liberal. The person who shot Kennedy was a communist. Usually, the shooter has a mental health issue, rather than extreme politics.

  • Access is the Problem

    While conservatives are generally assumed to have a more accepting approach to gun ownership, and therefore their children may have an easier access to guns, the political sidings of their parents do not determine whether they will end up perpetrators of gun crime. There are many factors, including upbringing, that mean that overall anyone from any background could find access to a gun end up shooting someone. Blaming groups does nothing, solutions need to be sought.

  • No, a person's political belief has nothing to do with their child's violent actions.

    A person will act violent regardless of the beliefs of their parents. Acting violent is a decision you make for yourself. The beliefs of another have nothing to do with how you act. A person that wants to hurt others will do so. It is a mental illness, not a political stance.

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Formerland1 says2014-06-14T00:05:18.287
I have never been told to cope by commuting violence I belive that is a shallow minded stereotype which you liberals are so againsed yet you do it what hypocrites i think hypocrites are the problem . In my house we are tought emotional decisions are bad and to always think it through calmly and at your own pace .