• We should not be giving it the coverage it receives.

    All of these shootings always spawn copycats. These copycats see that someone killed a few kids and gets his name and recognition in the news nationwide. They see that and feel like that's something they want to do for themselves. We are glorifying these murderers and making them some kind of anti hero.

  • It is already too normal.

    Yes, gun violence in schools has become the new normal, because there are already far too many examples. Most people can say Sandy Hook and Columbine, but other than that, there have been dozens of other shootings. They have become so common that we cannot name them or the victims. It is sad.

  • Not if it's Tackled in the Right Way

    Asking a question such as this, is already accepting defeat, when very little has been done to prevent these occurrences. Mass shootings are an all too common occurrence within the States and time and time again nothing seems to be learnt from them. Too much effort is put into focusing on gun rights and demonizing the perpetrators without asking why these shootings happen. If the nation takes a step back and looks at the real causes behind these tragic incidents, then all types of shootings would become rarer.

  • Gun violence in schools is not and never will be normal.

    Gun violence in schools cannot become the 'new normal.' It's not normal at all and should not be accepted as such. By enforcing the gun control laws that we currently have, we should be able to begin cracking down on gun violence in schools. Parents also need to take responsibility for any weapons in their home. Gun violence is preventable.

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BrooklynHaze says2014-06-15T03:56:48.293
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