Oregon State Police trooper kicks motorist during arrest: Was this action appropriate?

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  • State Police trooper on a power trip

    I think that it is very stupid of the Oregon State Police trooper to have kicked that motorist during the arrest. Of course the officer thought he was on a power trip and that law doesn't apply to him (as all law enforcement officers do) and that he can be a bully to the other driver.

  • It was unprofessional

    The Oregon State Police officer who kicked the motorist who was in handcuffs and subdued was completely unprofessional and may even be considered criminal. He ruptured the man's spleen. That was clearly an assault case, where firing him to alleviate culpability may not be enough. This kind of brutality should not be tolerated.

  • Oregon Police troopers should not be allowed to comit violence unless no other choice

    The Oregon State Police trooper who kicked a motorist during arrest should be charged with assault. No police officer should be allowed to assault anyone beyond reasonable measures. Police are given a certain amount of power over the average person and far too often they abuse that power to circumvent our laws.

  • Police trooper kick inappropriate

    When a motorist is arrested for a traffic violation, he should never be subject to violent arrest. Recently, an Oregon State police trooper kicked a motorist during an arrest. This kind of conduct is inappropriate and unbecoming of our men in blue. No citizen should ever be the victim of this kind of behavior.

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