• Taggart has a track record of winning wherever he goes

    Taggart is the perfect hire for Oregon. After last season's disaster and the subsequent firing of Mark Helfrich, Oregon needs a coach who can stabilize the program. Not only did Taggart build winners at South Florida and Western Kentucky, but he completely turned around those programs, all while keeping the academic standards high. He doesn't just build championship contenders. He builds men of character.

  • Taggart has a good coaching track record

    Willie Taggart can lead the Oregon ducks to a national championship. This reasons are Taggart's improvement of the USF program over the last several years and his past recruiting accomplishments. He led USF to their best record in school history this past year and he was a part of the team that recruited Andrew Luck to Stanford. Players coming out of high school looking to make it to the NFL will flock to a coach that has proven that he can win and has had players make it to the NFL. The infusion of new talent combined with an effective coach will give Oregon a good chance to win a national championship in the coming years.

  • Yes, Oregon can win a national championship.

    Yes, Oregon can win a national championship because they are consistently one of the best teams in the country. Their sports programs are always competitive and the school has put so much money into making sure they recruit the best athletes every year. It is hard to picture them not succeeding.

  • Willie Taggart as head coach is good move for Oregon

    Willie Taggart is a disciplined and experienced coach who knows how to win football games. He comes to Oregon from South Florida with a 10-2 record for 2016. His conference record for the same years was 7-1. Taggart has learned from struggles early in his coaching career and is currently at the top of his game.

  • There are too many other strong teams.

    Oregon has never been a powerhouse in football. There are many other strong teams. To win a national championship, they would have to overcome USC, the University of Michigan and Ohio State. These teams have long legacies and their programs have been building for years. It's too much for Oregon to overcome.

  • Not in the next 5 seasons

    First of all the people on the other side say that Oregon is one of the better teams in the country but they finished dead last in the Pac 12 North with a 4-8 record and 2-7 conference record. And even when Chip Kelly was coaching there they were never serious title contenders. They were very good but not good enough to knock off the SEC or Big 10 schools that dominate currently. Also, a lot of success at this level is based on recruiting, which will take at least 2 years to start showing positive changes for the team. Currently they are a bottom feeder is a below average conference as far as the power conferences go, so no they will not win one in the next 5 seasons.

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