Organic food: Are organic farms energy efficient?

  • Organic farms make up the difference in product output versus energy usage

    Organic farms have been praised and criticized in various circles. Are they energy efficient? They can be. Farmers who are modern and smart can set up their farms to use every resource available to have the greatest amount of output and reduce their carbon footprint at the same time! There are programs online and in local communities that can teach older farmers how to use solar panels, how to use rain barrels for water collection, rotation of crops, etc. that can make their farms energy efficient and great money makers and cost cutting farms! The product that these farms produce has the benefit also of making up for the energy that is used. There is more of a benefit to these farms then the negative side that many people claim.

  • No, but they are healthy.

    No, organic farms are not energy efficient, because they do not produce as much food as they could if they used more modern farming techniques. Organic farming produces natural, healthy food, but energy efficiency is not a priority among organic farming. Producing more food in a smaller space is for larger, commercial farms.

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