Organic food: Does "organic" mean safe and quality food?

  • Organic means nothing

    In no way does the phrase 'organic' labeled on a food mean anything substantial, and it is simply a marketing ploy that allows for a (sometimes dramatic) mark up in price. A recent study found chicken labeled organic was just as likely to have been fed antibiotics as any other type of chicken - begging the question of whether the people labeling the food even try to justify their actions.

  • 'organic' are a sales gimic.

    Organic is just a term companies love to slap on their foods so that they can seem healthier and sell more. Everyone seems to be on a health kick in the past few years. Companies are obviously going to exploit this fad of organic,raw, low carbohydrate and vegan/vegetarian for weight loss. They label something as organic and raise the price to make more money on malleable self-conscious people.

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