Organic food: Is organic food healthier and generally more beneficial than non-organic foods?

  • Organic food is Grrrrreat!

    Although you (^yeah that guy up there^) may think that organic farmers can't use pesticides, that is false. They can use pesticides that occur naturally, as in not the harsh-man-made-cancer-causing chemicals most people call "pesticides" jussayin.
    Although organic foods are expensive they are really healthy for you. People may say that buying organic foods is just a waste of money and that they don't actually have anything better in them than inorganic foods, but that is wrong. According to The Soil Association there are a lot more vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and some essential fatty acids. If you were to eat a healthy organic meal one night than the next have a gross, fatty, inorganic and just plain unhealthy meal at McDonald's, you can definitely feel the difference in how your body reacts to them.

    Organic farming is also good for the environment because it reduces pollutants in the groundwater and creates much richer soil that assists plant growth as well as reducing erosion.Organic farming also decreases the pesticides that can end up in the water that you drink. In some cities the pesticides in your tap water have been measured at very unsafe levels for weeks and months at a time, says EWG. According to a 15 year study, organic farming uses 50 percent less energy than other conventional farming methods.

  • Organic food is the best.

    Organic food is by far the healthiest food that money can
    buy. It is free of pesticides, growth
    hormones, artificial colorings, artificial flavorings, and additives. When you’re eating organic food, you’re
    eating food the way that God originally intended it to be eaten. If I could afford it, I would always eat
    organic food.

  • Organic Food is Healthier For You

    Organic food is healthier and generally more beneficial than non-organic foods because when they are grown, no pesticides are used. Pesticides are thought by some to be a cause of cancer, although this has not been proven unequivocally. Additionally, organic foods have zero or very limited amounts of food additives. Food additives like preservatives, coloring, flavoring, and artificial sweeteners used in non-organic foods are not very good for people.

  • The word organic is used out of context

    First of all all food is organic! Organic just means that it is a carbon based life form, so anything that is living. Organic foods by itself is generally not a bad thing, but on a huge scale would be really bad. There are more natural non man made pesticides that could be used, but they aren't generally as effective. If we only grew non altered, pesticide free foods there would be mass starvation. We use these things to ensure that we will get a great harvest. I have no problem with people growing their own food, but as a country and as a world we can not.

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