• Good Job Orlando!

    I didn't know that,
    and I'm really enthusiastic to know about it more and more! But I think I like Orlando Bloom more than ever!!!
    Justin really deserve it. :D
    because he is so rude and selfish of course, so somebody should do it.
    I want to say thank you to Orlando for his kindness!

  • Definatly yes good job

    Orlando did a good job putting that spoilt brat in his place. Someone needed to do it or he would end up in a worse state then miley cirus is in right now. And if you dont believe me fine but it is the truth. Justin was a spoilt inconsiderate brat but hopefully this will fix him

  • What?! When that happen?

    Well, no. I don't like him more for hitting someone, Violence is never the answer. However, I am unaware of the circumstances. So maybe Beiber was provoking the punch? I do not know, not really sure if I care. It's never right to hit anyone and Beiber is much younger than Bloom, right?

  • Yes, Orlando Bloom's Action Was Justified

    Based on the situation as I have read, Orlando Bloom took a swing at Justin Bieber after Bieber made a rude comment about Miranda Kerr. As her ex-husband, Orlando Bloom was merely trying to defend the mother of his child. While I don't condone violence at all to handle a confrontation, part of me totally agrees with the defense of her when Bieber supposedly spoke rudely about her. Otherwise, why would Orlando Bloom attempt to attack him unless he was provoked? Bieber's public image has steadily gone downhill and most people in general do believe that he was capable of shooting his mouth off to provoke Bloom. Even though Orlando tried to punch Bieber, I do not believe that this will hurt his image as many other people will compare him to being a knight defending the honor of his (ex) lady.

  • Opinion doesn't change

    I think Orlando Bloom is a talented actor. Him punching a spoiled brat doesn't change my opinion of either them at all. Bloom's still a talented actor and Bieber's still a spoiled brat. Am I proud that he did so? Yes, but I don't like the star any better than before he punched the kid.

  • No, it may have been a publicity stunt anyway.

    It is not in good class to like someone based on an act of punching another person. Bloom should have taken the high road, especially since Bieber is viewed by some as young and immature. It is highly possible, though, that this altercation was a publicity stunt arranged by their respective camps.

  • Violence is never acceptable

    What a ridiculous question. Although this mind of mindless violence (no doubt a publicity stunt) seems widely accepted, even encouraged, in the entertainment industry, I think it is appalling. People in the public eye have a responsibility to set a good example for the public. Not brawling in public is the least we can expect.

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