• There is bad publicity.

    The person who said that there is no such thing as bad publicity is wrong. Orlando Brown used to have a good image from the days that he appeared on That's So Raven. He should have stuck with that imagine rather than trying to embrace controversy. It will be harder for him to book work in the future.

  • Orlando Brown could benefit from controversies

    From the initial controversy when Orlando Brown allegedly threatened Symone' to his most recent leaked sex tape, he is more known for controversies than his acting. There have been no less than five controversial events. These controversies keep him in the public eye and his name recognizable. The controversies could be used to his advantage.

  • Orlando Bloom has a right to choose publicity

    I believe that Orlando Bloom, like many other celebrities, should have the right to choose for certain parts of his life to remain private. Although I feel that celebrities should expect some amount of intrusion into their lives by the press, they should have the right to choose how much of this is made available to the public.

  • No, Orlando Brown should not avoid the spotlight

    No, Orlando Brown should not avoid the spotlight because that is precisely what he is after. He put himself in a position of controversy in order to gain attention. It is at this point that he is getting that attention and should take it for what it is while it lasts.

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