Ortiz-Obama selfie: Do we have any real control of photographs people take of us when cameras are everywhere?

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  • Social Media Makes Selfies Public Property

    The prevalence of social media makes it almost impossible to control where and how photographs are used. Everyone has a smart phone with a camera and internet access. It takes only moments for a photo to be taken and posted. If we allow our photograph to be taken, we have to assume that it might be used online. If Obama didn't want his photo with Ortiz to be posted because of Ortiz' relationship with Samsung then he should not have posed for the photo.

  • Who has the actual control over photos?

    You could be a regular person on the street and get into a fight and guess what you are being video taped by some one you don't know then before you know it you are on the you tube channel. So no we don not have control over who takes our pictures.

  • No, no control what so ever.

    No, I don't think we have any control of photographs people take of us in public places. I think personal privacy is something that is going away. People have displayed their lives online, depicting everything from an ingrown toenail to selfies in bathrooms. About the best we can do is just make the best of it.

  • Cameras all around mean no privacy

    We cannot possibly have any control over whether or not we appear in photos now that people have cameras on their smartphones and are constantly uploading pictures to Facebook. How many times have we appeared in other people's Facebook pictures without realising we were in shot? Celebrities are always in danger of being photographed when out and about when people have cameras always on their person.

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