Oscar Pistorius accused of invention, lies in third day of cross-examination: Is he guilty?

  • Yes, he is guilty.

    This man Oscar Pistorius is known to have a very bad temper and a feeling of arrogance. To say that he shot through a door without knowing that his very own girlfriend was behind it is just ridiculous. Obviously he knew she was not beside him in the bed and they probably had a fight and his temper got the best of him.

  • Yes, being untruthful is the first sign of guilt.

    Yes, His decision to be untruthful about his actions only leaves you to believe that he is guilty. Why else would you feel the need to cover up your actions if there is nothing for you to hide. The effects that one single lie can reveal in a court-room can break a case with ease. This reveals he is guilty.

  • I do think Oscar Pistorius is guilty.

    I think because Oscar Pistorius has been without his legs for such a long time that he uses that as a clutch to get people to feel sorry for him. He turned on the water works in court to add to that. I don't feel that he was truly threatened in this gated community which he lived.

  • Yes, Pistorius is guilty of murder.

    Pistorius' inability to keep his own story straight is telling. Aside from that, he had to know it was his girlfriend in the bathroom when he fired. Who shoots a door with a person behind it before calling out, "who's there?" His story just doesn't add up. If she wasn't there in bed with him and he heard a noise in the bathroom, one would naturally assume she was in there, not an intruder.

  • When they're down kick them?

    A jerk, abusive, insecure, jealous, all those things and more yes but do not make the man guilty of murder. Horrid as it is, a young, brilliant, beautiful woman is tragically dead. He is definitely a class a jerk with too huge an ego, but think about it, the man has no legs, he lived his life like that always having to be more, be better and you know he must have gone through some tremendous times before the medals and even then opponents were saying he cheated. He is flawed for certain beside not having legs, but kill Reeva? C'om on - no way. Get over it naysayers, he didn't cheat at the Olympics and he didn't intentionally gun down his lover. No way.

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