Oscar Pistorius in court: Are Oscar Pistorius' courtroom emotions genuine?

  • Yes they are

    Unless you stick your finger down your throat you can vomit to order. Yes they are real and he is a broken man on the edge of madness. He mad a terrible error of judgement, he can't fake his grief. I can't believe that prosecution expect him to remember everything either, he was in a terrible state of shock.

  • More Than Likely

    I believe Oscar Pistorius has shown true emotions in the courtroom. However, it is unclear if he is showing emotions that would fall in line with a person who murdered his girlfriend and then deeply regretted it or if they are emotions more in line with someone who made a huge mistake.

  • Regardless of his innocence or guilt, he had killed someone.

    Whether he murdered his girlfriend or really believed her to be an intruder, the fact remains that he did in fact, kill a human being. I would imagine for most of us, if we killed ever it happened...we would have genuine heartfelt emotions. I do believe his emotions to be real. I think you would have to be have some pretty serious mental issues in order to not be affected by something this horrendous.

  • It's stressful either way.

    Yes, Oscar Pistorious' courtroom emotions are genuine, because, even though he is guilty, it is still an incredibly stressful situation. Most people when they do terrible things have some remorse, even if they are completely responsible for what they did. That is the case with Oscar. It is hard to face the terrible thing that he did.

  • Yes, you can't fake raw emotion.

    Yes, Oscar Pistorius' courtroom emotions are genuine. I just don't think there's any way a person could fake that much raw emotion and keep breaking down like he is. I think it would be fairly easy to tell if his emotions were not genuine. You can tell he is distraught.

  • Absoutely "crybaby" fake!!

    In order to have an opinion on this issue, one really needs to have watched EVERY day of courtroom testimony. If you have, you will note the TIMING of his "emotional breakdown." There is a motivated reason why he uses a "little boy" voice. There is a motivated and calculated reason for his "emotional breakdowns." This is ALL to gain the sympathy of the court in the hopes, when found guilty of negligent homicide [which he WILL be] - of receiving a sentence which DOES NOT include incarceration (which is entirely possible with the way the system in S.A. Works). Pay close attention and you can see him sitting behind his counsel team, gritting his jaw when witnesses are testifying and what is he ALSO doing? - writing a flurry of notes again and again and dropping them over the seat - especially during the testimony of Ms. Taylor, his ex-girlfriend. FACT: He didn't call emergency services - someone else did. FACT: His first call was to a friend to ask "what should I do" - and the answer he got was "tell them you shot her because you thought she was an intruder." He is being counseled to be as emotional as possible: again, to garner as much sympathy from the court. Plugging the ears to not hear details, looking at the floor to not looking at photos, crying like a baby to halt a specific line of questioning when his own testimony is proving his story is CONTRIVED - this is all fakery~!! The fact of the matter is Pistol-orius is AFRAID that he is going to be found guilty, and THAT'S what he focuses on when he needs to shed a few crocodile tears. FAKE x 1,000. Self-centered, tempermental, egotistical, narcissistic - these are words that describe OP. He carried that gun around whereever he went and when he did, he thought he was "Mr. Bad*SS" - again, listen to all of the testimony. Why, when the security guard called him, did he tell them "everything is fine" ?? Because he had already called a friend who was on their way and he honestly thought he was going to get away with it!!!! That's why he completely TAMPERED and manipulated the murder scene - and even washed his hands. Oh Puh-Leeze - for anyone to think his "emotions" are real - (i) seriously has to have their head examined; (ii) they haven't seen any of the trial testimony; and (iii) are smitten by his "charming good looks" which he has been riding on his entire life. FAKE FAKE FAKE

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