• Yes, I think he truly is innocent

    Yes, I believe Oscar Pistorius is definitely innocent. I think it's going to be a serious miscarriage of justice if he is convicted. You can tell by the emotion in his voice when he answers that he is innocent, heart broken and scared. I don't think anyone could fake the amount of pain and emotion in his answers.

  • Agree, I'd have to say that Oscar Pistorius is innocent of first degree murder.

    Now while I have say that Oscar Pistorius is innocent of first degree murder, he is by no means innocent of any complicity in the death of his girlfriend. His actions that night were irresponsible and reckless. He violated all of the basic responsibilities of a responsible gun own protecting his home against possible intruders. He should be held accountable for manslaughter or some other lesser charge.

  • Television coverage detrimental to this case

    One, we do not live in South Africa, I understand that people get killed at the side of the road regularly, that house break ins are common, that guns are a way of life and murder statistics are very high. I do not think that Oscar Pistorius intended to kill Reeva, I do not think the prosecution have proved anything without reasonable doubt. There are only two people who know the true order of events that night and sadly one of them is dead. I would say I have black out curtains in my home and when they are closed you see absolutely nothing! Doesn't matter how angry someone is, how possessive and jealous, I think he loved the girl and I genuinely believe that he thought someone was in his house. Not sure how any of us would have reacted if we were in that country, I know someone who lives there who told me, if you think you are being burgled you shoot first and ask questions later and also there wasn't an intruder obviously but had there been I don't think they would have selected to enter a building choosing the room they were going to enter through, they would gain access through an open window whichever room it was. If he was going to murder Reeva he could have done it anywhere he chose....Not in the small room !

  • I believe he is innocent

    I believe that on that night he did think there was an intruder. He panicked and was afraid. People don't think straight when put in a circumstance, such as an intruder in their own home. If this man goes to prison for murder and he never intended on killing Reeva. It would be terrible. He is innocent nothing has been proven otherwise.

  • Sending someone to jail just because they don't want to send the "wrong" message???

    And I thought that judges make their decisions based on evidence and shouldn't be influenced by public opinion. And what is that "wrong" message that they don't want to send? - "Forgive him for his mistake, since he already did punish himself by losing his wife that he loved the most" ?

  • He is innocent!!!!!!!!!

    Mate they didn't even ask him if she was giving him sass that night! Was his gun even loaded? We don't know that she didn't shoot through the door at herself! We need more facts here before we judge the poor man. Personally without seeing these issues addressed in court I think its a miscarriage of justice. My mate Kev says he's armless? So with no arms and legs he is supposed to shoot a gun!?!?! This is a conspiracy just like poor Jimmy Saville (who is also innocent)

  • I believe he is innocent

    1 being hes proved the court wrong on 3 a cations 1 being the court saying he shot the gun when he had his legs got proved wrong he was on his stumps 2 the cricket bat to hit reeva with proved wrong he used it to break the door down n 3 the court said he seen a txt on reevas phone that made him switch proved wrong coz ex boyfriend even said he never msg reeva. 2 you got to put yourselfs in his n her shoes on that night at that time oscar has no legs there for if intruder breaks in your disadvantaged straght away 3 put yourself in reevas shoes on that night she goes to the bathroom n shuts the door she then hears oscar shout get the f*** outta my house now think seriously if you was in that situation wat wud you do?????? Well i think you would stay quiet n not say anything coz you wud think somet is goin on somone broke in i dont no but you would think sumone is in the house for oscar to say that then oscar shouts get the f*** outta my house again so she goes to lock the door coz she thinks shes safe in there oscar being on the otherside of the door without his legs hears a click like the bathroom door unlocking he immediately thinks the intruder is coming out to get him next min you fire for shots 1234 in seconds just have a good think of wat you wud of done at that moment on that night ? Wat would you do if you had no legs n had a gun n you thiught somone broke in? Wat would you have done if you were in the bathroom n heard your partner shout get the fuck outta my house? 49 ppl get murdered everyday there wen they rob your house they dont just take your belonging they take you yourself n tourcher you till you die if it was in england or sumet then guilty i wud be saying but in the place where he lives 100% innocent. Have a think wat wud yiu have done seriously in that situation n remember you have no legs

  • He didn't know that she was there.

    He thought she was right next to him in bed. He also thought there was a thief somewhere in his house. His family had been subject to stealing when he was young. He had lots of valuable stuff in his house and he didn't want it to get stolen. He was also trying to protect Reeva even though he didn't know that she was in the bathroom when he shot.

  • Nobody could act that well

    After watching the documentary on Amazon I do believe that it was a tragic accident. After seeing him cry and weep, I do believe that he is innocent. No sir in the world could reenact the emotions that this guy had in the court room. Was he flirting with other women and maybe cheating on her? Maybe. But did he kill her intentionally? No! The state failed to present a solid case, Calling witnesses that told the court they heard Oscar and Reeva fighting. Those neighbors lived 300m away! His next door neighbors told the court that all they heard were the shots and thereafter the cries of Oscar. He only got sentenced for murder because the media attention after the trial was so huge.

  • Narcissist out of control

    My scenario.

    It's valentines day and some thing has come up about one of Reevas male friends. Partners of Pistorius's having male friends and previous relationships with other males are a real no no for Oscar who has insecurity issues. It would be particularly upsetting if it was an elite able bodied athlete. Anyhow the argument has escalated and she's decided she's had enough and made the decision to give him the flick.
    His reaction has scared her and she has taken refuge in the toilet and locked the door. People in loving relationships don't get up at three in the morning and go for a pee and bother locking the door. Some probably wouldn't even close it. She had her phone maybe as a light source but maybe to ring someone. He realising the door was locked tried kicking it in but couldn't. He then lost it and screamed "get the f--k out of my house" not to a suspected intruder but to her. He does this to salvage some pride as a narcissist needs to be the dumper not the dumpee as it wouldn't look good on his résumé especially with his high profile. It's obvious she wants out and he can't handle it so the old idea of " if I can't have her no one else will" kicks in and he shoots her through the door.

    His fictional story as the heroic protector has never made sense. From the fact that he fails to check or get a response to where she is to the extent of yelling ten foot from the toilet door and her not responding with it's me in hear. The fact that she'd bother to lock it . The fact that he and she could have got away from a perceived threat instead of him approaching it without confirming where she was.

  • CryBaby is Guilty!!!

    "Crybaby" Act Won'tWork OP's is OBVIOUSLY guiltY. #1. The reason RS's pant-legs were inside out was because he TORE them off of her. #2. Anyone lying in bed with a significant other can FEEL whether or not the other person is still in bed, simply by stretching out your arms or moving your legs around. This is a natural reaction, so OP saying he 'thought' RS was in the bed is an outright LIE. #3. OP actually STRUCK RS with the cricket bat. #4. I believe OP may have actually shot RS at least once in the bedroom. #5. The prosecutor was right with his statement that the ONLY reason RS could have been shot in the right hip was because she was STANDING and facing the door, a locked bathroom door - and the only reason this would have been so was because she was engaged in an argument with OP. #6. It is a FACT that OP called a 'friend' FIRST and NOT emergency services to ask "what should I do?" - and the friend instructed him to 'just say it was an accident. Say you thought she was a burglar' - and this is why it is a FACT that OP tampered with and manipulated the ENTIRE crime scene. He even washed his hands for crying out loud. He had to make SURE she died, because if she lived, she would have told the police everything that had happened. That's why he testified that he sat there with her in the toilet room for quite some time before calling someone. #7. It is a FACT that when security called, he said "everything was FINE." #8. Just RS's e-mails to OP tell how the relationship was going. #9. Anyone who says he is not guilty and it was an 'accident' is either (a) not following the courtroom testimony of witnesses and listening to his 'little boy' voice or (b) totally smitten with how handsome and good looking he is.

  • If Oscar Pistorious is not convicted of murder then a serious case of miscarriage of justice has been served ...

    Oscar Pistorious killed Reeva after what witnesses recall as shouting suggesting an argument had taken place. Mr. Pistorious took a life (which no one has the right to do) and is now trying to avoid the consequences of a murder conviction and a life sentence.

    If you suspect an intruder in your home you check to see if your partner is beside you in bed (it is a natural reaction for a logical person to have because of fear and fear for the safety for your loved ones).

    Secondly, you don't take a gun and fire FOUR shots at a bathroom door accidentally or when having mistaken someone for a burglar you'd fire once or twice maximum not FOUR times ( which suggest a clear intention to kill or cause serious harm to an individual regardless of whether it was Reeva or if we entertain the idea of an intruder. Surely when you have shot twice at a door as a natural surprised reaction you stop and talk to a partner ( ie Reeva ) about what you should do ( like call the police or some communication at all, to just check that they are ok seeing as it was a surprise intrusion ) - If he had done this like he claims to have done then he would realize that Reeva wasn't in the bedroom and it wasnt an intruder and maybe she could have lived. ( if hed stopped and listened for a response before firing another two times)

    Thirdly, Mr. Pistorious` version of events do not make any sense, and when in court pressure is added he knows it. He cries not for Reeva but over the worry of the sentence he will receive. He is guilty. He apologized to the parents and family of the woman that he killed in COURT - months later ( MONTHS) --- proving his court appearance is all a pretence. Why would a burglar go through a master bedroom ensuite bathroom window ?? What was he wanting to steal ??? Mouthwash ??? Doesnt add up.

    The truth ..
    He was angry -- they argued in the early hours ( prompt the witness hearing shouting ) they had argued before about Oscar being possessive and jealous. Reeva cried and went to the bathroom and locked the door and Oscar fired at the door with the intention to kill, four times in a fit of anger. Anger is a perfectly normal emotion but in the rage of the argument he killed her and now has concocted this absurd story of an intruder. No one wants to know that someone hurt someone else in anger but it happened and should be admitted
    if he was genuinely sorry for what he had done then he would tell the world and her mother the truth about what really happened. It was a mistake and an accident in hindsight but at the time it seems the intention to murder was made and so he is guilty.

  • He Shot Her

    I do not believe Oscar Pistorius is innocent. Regardless of his intentions, he did in fact kill his girlfriend and he should serve time. I think it is up to the court to decide what his intentions were and what length is a justifiable sentence. There is no doubt that he actually pulled the trigger.

  • Oscar is Guilty

    Oscar Pistorius is guilty. His explanation of the vents make no sense. He claims he thought that there was a burglar in his bathroom. Then he shot blindly through a door without checking where his girlfriend was before shooting. I think that any reasonable person would have known whether someone was in the bed next to them or not.

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