Oscar Pistorius trial: Is Oscar Pistorius guilty of murdering his girlfriend?

  • Guilty crying Liar

    I can't imagine someone getting a gun form under their side of the bed without looking over to see the person lying next to him. He just is giving a very dramatic , oscar calibre acting performance and here we go again , its all about Oscar and his nightmares and suffering. What about Reeva's parents , family and friends ? . The poor parents have been suffering and their nightmares are continuing. He is truly crying for himself and scared to be convicted of murder and going to prison where he so belongs.

  • He Did Shoot Her

    There is no question that Oscar Pistorius shot and killed his girlfriend. The question is rather or not he meant to shoot her or it was the accident he claimed it was. It's very difficult to tell what his motivations were. He could have been scared or he could have be regretful. In the end, I think he deserves some jail time.

  • There is too much evidence to suggest he murdered his girlfirend.

    I believe that Oscar Pistorius murdered his girlfriend - we know they had arguments and there is no evidence against the idea. I also feel that he is guilty as he is not constantly grieving - surely you would feel almost suicidal if such a thing happened? If he is lying, it would be much better for everyone if he owned up to the charge.

  • Overwhelming evidence suggest Pistorius is guilty

    Too much of the story Oscar Pistorius has given about what happened just does not hold true. The evidence suggest they were arguing that evening and the neighbor has said that they heard the shots after hearing Pistorius' girlfriend scream. And no one shoots blindly into a closed bathroom door to defend themselves.

  • Guilty as charged!

    I believe that Oscar Pistorius is guilty of murdering his girlfriend because so many facts and his side of the story do not match. Many people don't like to believe that a person as Pistorius could commit such an act but anyone who has followed the story and the trial can conclude that he is guilty.

  • Murder not manslaughter

    First thing anyone would do if they hear a noise is to poke the person beside them and say 'did you hear that? Thus checking its not them wandering about. No need for her to dress and take phones and lock the toilet door for any other reason than she was frightened of him.

  • Oscar is guilty!

    Oscar Pistorius is not sorry for what he did.. The fact that he started dating less than a year after killing his girlfriend "by accident" says a lot about his frame of mind. There's just no remorse from his side. I am totally disgusted by his lies and crocodile tears.

  • Can Oscar tell us ...

    Why would Reva go to the toilet and lock the door, when the light in the toilet did not work? It must have been pitch black in the toilet. The normal thing to do in a circumstance such as this, would be to leave the toilet door open, so as to get light from the bathroom. Reva ran screaming into the toilet and locked the door, trying to get away from Oscar who threatened her, with his gun in his hand. Also, why would Reva go to the area of the house, which is the bathroom where Oscar heard a window slide open and go into a pitch dark toilet and lock the door, when she would not be able to see the intruder, who may have been in the toilet, would she have deliberately run or walked into danger of intruders. No because there was no intruder or intruders.

    Reva go to the area of the house, that is the bathroom

  • Facts of the story

    There are no facts that they had an argument that night , as the police photographer did not see the other one in a cubicle in broad daylight, how much more will it be for Oscar to see in dark night. With crime rate so out of control in South Africa, I would have done exactly the same. To protect my love ones. Nel could not prove the intention and the state case is so full of holes

  • No. He is innocent.

    Unless we are disabled and living in a high crime area, we don't know how we would react. I believe his story 100%. He was trying to protect himself and the woman he cared about. I believe him, support him, and love him forever! Stay strong, Oscar- you are loved!!

    -A fan from the USA <3

  • His not guilty

    If she was scared she could have ran outside before he got his legs on. She went to the bathroom NOT outside. She wasn't scared of him. He was scared and was "saving" them from a noise he thought was a bad person. I hope he goes free. He's not an evil person just made a very bad mistake.

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