Oscars 2014: Is Jennifer Lawrence intentionally tripping at major events to garner more attention?

  • It's on purpose

    Jennifer Lawrence is obsessed with being noticed and getting attention. I don't think anyone could count the number of times she's tried to prove how "normal" she is, by always talking about loving junk food and how she supposedly hates working out, even though there are tons of pictures of her doing so online. She says things like "armpit vaginas" and makes faces for no reason at all. She comes across as trying super hard to be funny and get attention. Tripping is just another way to do so, and another part of her "I'm so normal, I'm just like you" spiel.

  • Yes i think so

    I think that she is doing everything on purpose because why else would you trip in front of like millions of people? I sure wouldnt want to embarrass myself in front of my fans. I think its disappointing. Like if your heels are too tall, then go buy some flops, not that hard

  • Jennifer Lawrence intentionally tripping

    Jennifer Lawrence is not intentionally tripping at major events to garner more attention. I think the girl drinks a little too much before and after parties and just is having a really hard time going from a normal chick to someone of the statue. Most of the other actresses probably do it too it is not but have found little tricky ways to hide it better now.

  • No, she is not tripping purposely!

    Jennifer Lawrence is so beautiful, down to earth and simply amazing. The thing that makes people like her most though, is that she is relateable. Everyone trips all the time. I know I do. I'm a clutz and maybe she's a little clutzy. These other people have had years in the spot light and are used to wearing big heals with ballgowns, but she's still getting used to it.

  • No, Jennifer Lawrence is not falling on purpose to get attention.

    No, Jennifer Lawrence is not a tripping psychopath trying to get people to pay attention to her. In all of her interviews, she shows poise and confidence, and her success on the screen shows that she can handle herself well. At her young age (and the awkward combination of gowns and shoes), some clumsiness on the red carpet is to be expected.

  • Who Even Cares

    I guess I can imagine it possible that Jennifer Lawrence is intentionally tripping at major events to garner more attention, but it seems stupid to me. I don't pay enough attention to celebrities to care if they are falling a lot or not, it seems like a waste of time to pay attention to such an act or accident.

  • Jennifer Lawrence is not intentionally tripping at major events to get more attention.

    I don't believe Lawrence is intentionally tripping for attention. She was mortified at the 2013 Academy Awards because she tripped on the way to the podium to get her aware. She was mortified in the press room after the event. She's just probably nervous and a little clumsy. She doesn't strike me as a girly-girl who is complete comfortable in dress-up mode.

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