• Gawkers are obsessed

    It is wrong for the media to overcover celebrities. They can barely go out of their house or in front of a window without being able to keep to themselves. The obsession with looks and appearance makes for bad priorities being taught to children. They see all of this and assume it's how the world should be.

  • Celebrities' appearances too invasive

    Media coverage of celebrities' appearances is too invasive for a lot of people. They dont look the way that they do everyday on the red carpet so for someone to believe that this is the everyday look is unrealistic. Most of us do not look the same five minutes after a haircut at the salon.

  • Media coverage of celebrities' appearances are not too invasive.

    I do not believe that the media covering the appreances of celebrities is too invasive. At times I think it is a little bit too much or unnecessary, but not invasive. Most people know what they are signing up for when they decide to become famous and know that they will be judged based on things like appearances.

  • Not With Awards Shows

    I believe the paparazzi is a problem, but that has little to do with the Oscars. When it comes to the Oscars I do not believe the media coverage of celebrities is too invasive. Many people watch the Oscars to see what people are wearing and the celebrities often seek out designers for their options. There is just as much fashion involved in these selections and it is part of the fashion industry.

  • They Like It

    Sure, the media's coverage of celebrities can be seen as lurid and lascivious. But that is just the end goal of the entire industry. Athletes put their bodies at risk, scientists work long, taxing hours and politicians risk their social standing. Celebrities just engage in a different kind of scrutiny and job requirement that focuses on superficial appearance.

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